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Grill Masters club

The Grill Masters Gift

The Grill Masters Club is a great gift for any and all Grill Masters out there.  You will receive new food and items to try with your grill that are delicious.  These things are unique and not something you will always find on the store shelves.

Grill Masters

As you can see the box is full.  They always have recipes includes for the items you received.  You don’t have to look up anything, just open the box and you are ready to grill.

This time we received BBQ sauce, rub, pork panko, and gourmet wood chips.  My husband could not wait to try it all.  He has made both pork and beef with this set.

I love how everything is included along with recipes so the beginners will enjoy this subscription as well as the lifelong Grill Masters.  This box box also includes a cooking tip, a discount code, the history of each product, and a delicious recipe to use the products with.  This also gives you exclusive access to a video with tips and tricks.

Topping off a set of ribs with sweet and tangy BBQ sauce can make that perfectly smoked pork taste that much better. Their curated award winning BBQ sauces are the gold standard for any smoked meat enthusiast. BBQ sauce can be more then just the sweet tomato liquid we are used to. Explore all the different regions and styles with their wide range of sauces.

Each Grill Masters Club monthly box contains 4-5 products including rubs, sauces, marinades, recipes, and other mystery items that they KNOW you will love. They take time to research, taste test, and vet EVERY supplier they work with. What a fun and exciting way to try new products and recipes for all types of grilling.

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