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The new BriteBrush Elmo from PlayMonster!

BriteBrush Elmo

The new BriteBrush Elmo from PlayMonster!

After all that candy in the Easter baskets we want the kids to brush their teeth.  Don’t fight with them anymore with The new BriteBrush Elmo from PlayMonster!. The kids will want to brush their teeth from now on.  BriteBrush Elmo will keep them entertained while doing something you want them to do a great job at. They will brush their teeth so good you will want one of each of the varieties! This even comes with an extra brush head so when it’s time to change you will know you are ready.

These really work easily and the kids will figure it out before we do.  BriteBrush is the smart toothbrush that finally lets kids have a blast while brushing their best. Its smart sensors and live feedback help teach them proper brushing techniques, and its games and rewards ensure they learn by having fun.

BriteBrush™’s patented smart sensor technology knows if kids are brushing correctly and offers live tips to help guide them as they play. Remember, if brushing is on track, the fun continues. If not, the fun stops.

BriteBrush, the smart toothbrush that makes it fun to brush right, just got more fun with The new BriteBrush Elmo from PlayMonster! [Ages 3+]. With Elmo as their brushing coach, children will learn how to properly brush their teeth while having a blast playing any of the four games: Tricycle Adventure, Silly Sounds, Music Maker and the hit Brushy Brush song all while earning star rewards. The brush uses proprietary, smart sensor technology and real sonic vibration to encourage total mouth coverage and is even equipped with a Parent Check Light to provide peace of mind that children are brushing correctly. Available March 2021 MSRP $19.99

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