The Perfect Casual Sneakers For Fall @LugzNYC

The Perfect Casual Shoes For Fall

The Perfect Casual Sneakers For Fall

Lugz has great shoes but have you checked their casual sneakers out lately?  They are awesome.  Always top Lugz quality while getting a pair of casual shoes that you will love. Casual sneakers can be easily wore with jeans out for the night or just working out in the yard. You need a favorite pair of comfortable shoes and I think these Women’s Flip Oxford Sneakers will be your new favorite.

These casual sneakers can go anyplace! You can run to the store or meet your friends at the restaurant, or even clean out the garage. These are so comfortable since they are have a padded sole.  They also have a rubber outsole.  With breathable lining so your feet won’t get too hot even when you are walking a lot on them. They are made with a canvas upper so they move even if you are bending your feet.

With a clean and classic profile, you can pair the Women’s Flip with any look you want. With a highly versatile style for everyone, these shoes are in their element anywhere you go.

They come in 4 colors so you can have a choice of your new casual sneakers. These really are cute casual sneakers! I am so impressed by how comfortable they are. Plus when I order shoes from Lugz, I know I will get the right size they come true to size.

Since the brand’s inception in 1993, Lugz remains a prevalent force in the ever-changing landscape of footwear. The brand continues to bolster its product offering to match the consumer’s needs, while keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest trends. Outside of boots, the brand offers casual, athletic, and canvas options to help round out looks for every season. Timeless style delivered with each and every pair.


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  1. These shoes are really cute and versatile, they can go with just about anything! They also look very comfortable as well, which is what I look for in a shoe. I love that they come in 4 colors too. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Lugz has casual shoes that move with you and are fun styles at the same time. The soles of Lugz shoes are sturdy with good treads.

  3. The pink Lugz is everything! They will not only protect and support my ankle when the cooler temps agitate it, they will also make a great fashion statement.

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