The Scottish Grocer For Your New Favorites

The Scottish Grocer

The Scottish Grocer For Your New Favorites

I received all these delicious goodies from The Scottish Grocer.  I am so full right now because I could not just try one bite, once I started I had to eat it all of everything I tried.  The Scottish Grocer is a great place to get all sorts of things you just can’t find anyplace else. For nearly two decades they have been importing specialty food, candy and beverage products directly from Scottish manufacturers. Many of these companies are family owned and have adhered to traditional recipes.

This is Bailey’s Irish Cream flavored chocolate caramels.  I get a strong taste of Irish Cream that makes these irresistible.

This is the oatcakes with the strawberry preserves, what a nice treat anytime of the day.

You can see the seeds from just the top of this Strawberry Preserves jar.  This is really good! I love how fancy the jar is. You can’t improve on old fashioned goodness – and this is one of Mrs Bridges classics packed with traditional flavor.

Not sure what happened to the image but I also received the Lemon Curd.  We plan on trying that on toast in the morning.  I can’t wait to try it after eating that whole strawberry preserve covered oatcake.

A cheering and reviving blend of black teas from Kenya and India. Full-flavored and thirst-quenching, it’s worth getting the teapot out, as one cup is never enough. The perfect accompaniment to a proper afternoon tea: it’s what scones and a good jam cry out for.

These are the original shortbread fingers. Original shortbread fingers are made with a recipe that has been passed down through many generations from the founder of Shortbread House. Using best quality butter and a little ground rice gives a delicious flavor and a light crisp texture.

This box contains great shortbread.  This is hubby’s favorite thing to eat. I was able to try these but he hoarded the rest!  This comes with the original with the traditional recipe, stem ginger, and shortbread with dark chocolate & orange.  There are six packs inside each box, each pack containing two shortbread fingers. This is an ideal gift for any shortbread lover at any time of year.

I have never had Oatcakes before. These are great and crunchy, I love the preserves on here.  They are not sweet, they are a cracker like product without the salt. Stockans oatcakes are made using the finest ingredients, a combination that ensures a superior tasting product, with great texture and flavor.



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  1. The variety of things they carry is amazing. I love the woolen blankets…they are so beautiful.

  2. I would love to try oatcakes! I already love good shortbread and I’d like to try theirs 🙂

  3. It looks like they have a great selection of products. Those Oatcakes look good! My son would really love the tea.

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