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The Smart Lock That Makes Sense For Everyone! @SMGurusNetwork

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Smart Lock

The Smart Lock That Makes Sense For Everyone!

I always worry about someone getting into my home whether we are home or not.  I want my family to be safe no matter where we are, but especially at home.  This is why I love the PIN Genie Smart Lock Pro!  The PIN Genie Smart Lock Pro (PGD 728) with Bluetooth Enabled, has a Highly Secure Patented Touchscreen PIN Pad and Remote Control from Smartphone just to start with.

Smart Lock

This Smart Lock has the world’s first peep proof and hidden camera proof PIN Pad.  With PIN Genie Smart Lock App, you can control access from anywhere anytime. With the globally patented PIN Genie PIN Pad, you always feel safe to enter your passwords without worrying about PIN being stolen by unwanted users. If someone enters a wrong PIN then it takes a picture of the person and sends it to your email, isn’t that amazing!!!  PIN Genie Smart Lock Pro turns your mobile phone to your key to your home!  It work with both iOS and Android Phones.  You can assign up to 8 codes.

Check out their video that explains this lock in clear and easy to understand terms.

You will be able to get 24/7 door access history on a smartphone.  Manage your home anywhere anytime and can issue temporary passwords for guests and families.  It also has a built-in 120 dB siren alert when an attempted break in happens. After 3 failed attempts the lock will automatically lock for 1 hour.

Smart Lock

After you use your code it reshuffles the numbers so your numbers will show up on a different spot and with different numbers, so no one can copy it.

Smart Lock

At home Security Mode which disables the touchscreen.  It has a 9V External battery for backup,  provides two ways of locking / unlocking the door to accommodates each person’s lifestyle, which include passwords and physical keys.   Most important it only takes 3 minutes to set this Smart Lock up.  I feel so much safer thanks to PIN Genie Smart Lock!

Smart Lock

Want to learn more about this PIN Genie Smart Lock Pro (PGD 728) with Bluetooth Enabled, with Highly Secure Patented Touchscreen PIN Pad and Remote Control from Smartphone?  Visit and follow below.







PIN Genie Smart Lock
I will update this review when I receive the product.


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  1. This is great for home security. It is also nice to look at. Thank you so much for sharing this. God bless

  2. This thing is awesome I love how simple it is to open the lock I have rheumatoid arthritis and cant turn a key oh I hope I win this!

    1. I just bought one on Amazon, look forward to receive it. The hidden PIN Pad looks so much safer than other smart locks in the market. Security is always the first thing I care about when it comes to home. Thanks PIN Genie.

  3. This is awesome. Home security is so important. I love that you can have access wherever you are. Thank you so much for sharing this great home security. God Bless

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