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THE SMARTY CO. Backpack See Exactly What Is In Their Backpack

Do you have a child, like Desiree, that can go through backpacks quickly, so you have to buy more than 1 each year.  The Smarty Co. has a backpack you should try.  This backpack is heavy-duty so it is ready for any child.  This heavy-duty plastic backpack is the backpack I am referring to. See thru so they have to keep it neater than a regular backpack.

This clear backpack lets you at a glance see anything the child is carrying inside.  Plus this is a thick clear plastic that is made to last.  This has a cloths tape sewn to keep all the edges safe and they will not scratch anyone.  So far it is holding up great without any signs of wear or tear.  The back has the large area for carrying books etc, then the smaller pocket that is approximately 1/2 the length.

One of the pockets is on the left side which is a mesh pocket for drinks etc.  On the other side is a zippered pocket to put their phone, pens and pencils, and more.  The zippers work easy and are very secure.

The padded shoulder strap make it easy to carry and wear for a long time without and issues.  This is Desiree’s favorite part of the backpack. This is a large backpack at approximately 12″ x 19″.  This holds everything Desiree carries to school and more, she always has more room left over.

This makes a great backpack for school, college, or even an overnight bag.  It also makes a nice gift for kids graduating and going on to college.

The Smarty Co. has best selling clear backpacks and clear bags. Made 55% Thicker and 3X Stitched. Perfect for Clear Bag Policy at School, Stadiums, Events, Festivals, Concerts. Their Heavy Duty Clear Backpack is rugged, durable, and will last the school year. Stylish trendy colors and designs great for adults, students, and kids.






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  1. Unfortunately this is a great idea for schools and any other events. These sound like great bags.

  2. It is sad we have come to this point, you just cannot trust anymore. Great for large events so you make it though security.

  3. This is such a cool backpack! It definitely helps that it is clear so you can see everything that is in it! I can think of other places besides school that this would come in handy too. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. This is great for festivals and amusement parks, too! A lot of times there are bag searches before entry and this would make that super easy. Plus you could find what you need in a flash. We’re going to need to get one of these!

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