The Sober Curious Reset

The Sober- Curious Reset

The Sober Curious Reset


Ruby Warrington’s 2019 book Sober Curious was an illuminating conversation-starter that asked her readers to consider, “Would life be better without alcohol?” thus sparking a global wellness trend of “curiosity” on how to gain one’s genuine confidence and happiness without the crutch of alcohol.

In THE SOBER CURIOUS RESET: CHANGE THE WAY YOU DRINK IN 100 DAYS OR LESS (Running Press; December 1, 2020), Ruby goes a step further by inviting her readers into a 100-day process of radically rethinking their drinking. Each “day” features observations, exercises, and insights, offering a more profound process of self-discovery than common month-long programs like Dry January or Sober September. THE SOBER CURIOUS RESET is not about preaching total abstinence—rather, it’s about empowering people to make the right drinking choices for them, whatever that might look like.

Ruby’s friendly, honest, and totally non-judgmental tone helps readers unmask the deeper “whys” behind their drinking, create a truly sustainable shift in habits, and start living with more presence, focus, and overall wellbeing.


Ruby Warrington is an author, writer, and former features editor of the UK’s Sunday Times Style supplement. In 2013 she created The Numinous, an online magazine that has been at the forefront of conversations about modern spirituality. Widely credited with coining the term “sober curious,” she is also the host of the Sober Curious podcast, and author of Material Girl, Mystical World, Sober Curious, and The Numinous Astro Deck. She lives in NYC.

Most people use alcohol to relax and switch off, but while it offers temporary respite from anxiety (having the same effect on the brain as Valium), drinking is proven to increase anxiety overall. In these uncertain times, this makes cutting out alcohol one of the best things you can do for your mental health – but why is it so hard for “normal drinkers” to quit, even when most people report a dramatic improvement to their mental health overall?

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