The Ultimate Guide To Harnessing Your Nesting Instinct

The Ultimate Guide To Harnessing Your Nesting Instinct

If you are in the third trimester of your pregnancy, you are probably in the throes of nesting. The chances are you are ridiculously excited about welcoming your little bundle of joy into the world. But you are also probably terrified at the prospect of giving birth, you may be experiencing late-stage morning sickness and you are probably going to the toilet every two minutes as your little cherub decides to put pressure on all of your organs. Sleepless nights are par for the course when you welcome a little one into your life. Not many people tell you about the sleepless nights in the latter stages of your pregnancy because you have a bad back and heartburn.

Your nesting instinct is an odd sensation to describe to somebody who hasn’t been through it. Your partner is probably in awe of your newfound cleaning skills, your ability to cook up some one pot meals for the week, and your handiness with a hoover and duster all of a sudden. However, nesting can also lead to burnout. You can become anxious as your newfound perfectionist instinct develops. Take a look at this guide so you harness your nesting instinct in the most positive way to ensure that your family is ready for the pitter patter of tiny feet.

The Ultimate Guide To Harnessing Your Nesting Instinct

Reading Books

When you come to the end of your pregnancy with merely weeks to go until your due date, you are probably eager to read up on every iota of guidance to being the perfect mum. However, you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself to learn the perfect temperature of formula milk or the exact temperature the nursery should be at all times. Babies are not robots, so what works for one little one will not work for another. You need to get to know your little darling when they arrive. While generic guides are useful for a little nudge in the right direction, you will soon realize that your child simply doesn’t fit the ideal sleep pattern. Some babies sleep hours on end, or slip into a night time feeding routine immediately. Others take a little bit of time to settle because they suffer from colic or they are more alert. The amount that they cry isn’t a reflection on your parenting skills.

Books can be intimidating and make you feel inferior when you can’t implement a strategy effectively. Some advocate allowing babies to cry themselves to sleep, whereas other guides state that this is cruel. Neither is correct. You need to follow your motherly instinct and learn to trust it when your baby arrives. Don’t get too hung up about reading the latest guide for parenting.


Your nearest and dearest are probably eager to help when your baby arrives. However, you might want some time to settle with your newborn. Set the scene early on by holding a baby shower. This is a great way to gather all of your friends and family together just before your due date to share stories, have a giggle and possibly find out the gender of your little darling. 

From the beginning, make the party and informal soiree. Ensure that you head to https://www.mustelausa.com/baby-shower-games to keep your guests entertained with some fun party games. Ask your guests to bring a baby photo of themselves and you can guess who is who, you can have a go at changing a diaper blindfolded, or you can simply share baby stories. Some of your attendees might be parents already so it’s easier to let them know that they are more than welcome to visit but not the day after you arrive home from the hospital. 

Baby showers are great opportunities for you to ask your pals about nesting. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your need to cook, clean and prepare the nursery, you can ask advice about how to cope. Some soon to be mums even choose to get up at 3 am to get a spot of laundry done. If this sounds like you, don’t worry. Go with it. It won’t last forever.

The Ultimate Guide To Harnessing Your Nesting Instinct


If you are addicted to loading the dishwasher every other hour, vacuuming at the most inappropriate times and washing the car every evening, you are not alone. Every prospective mum tends to go through this phase. Your hormones are surging at the moment making you feel protective towards your little one as explained at https://americanpregnancy.org/planning/nesting-during-pregnancy/. He or she may not be here yet, but you are still instinctively protective and preparing for his or her arrival. 

Every animal goes through this, from nesting birds to elephants who return to their breeding grounds to prepare to give birth. Human beings are no different. You need to learn to ask for help when you need it and don’t go through it alone. Your partner will probably want to help you so let them. You might find yourself snapping if you think that they are not dusting correctly, but try to hold back a little. They are only trying their best.


Even if you are more of a microwave meal fanatic or you don’t usually enter the kitchen unless it’s to grab a drink, you might be surprised about your sudden urge to cook. And not just prepare a simple meal for dinner, but to cook a lot of grub. While your partner might think that you are feeding the five thousand, you are actually just preparing some food for your growing brood. This is actually a good idea.

When you have your new little one at home, the chances of you having time to cook anything decent and wholesome is slim. By cooking while bubba isn’t here yet, you can freeze many nutritious one pot meals that you can whip out, reheat and eat, leaving you feeling satisfied. When baby arrives, you need to maintain your health. The easiest way to do this is by following a healthy diet. When you have a newborn, this is easier said than done. Instead cook up some chili, a casserole or two, a coq au vin, some stews and a lasagne ready for when you are too busy with your newborn.

The Ultimate Guide To Harnessing Your Nesting Instinct


The decor of your nursery will be very important to you. You want to foster a calming, relaxing environment conducive to rest and a good night’s sleep. Garish colors are a no. However, there are plenty of options that you can consider for your baby’s bedroom. Baby blues and pinks are the go to decor choices. However, in the twenty first century a more gender neutral palette is more on trend. As a prospective mum, you want to choose a color that you like, not one that appears on the cover of parenting magazines. Don’t follow trends.

You could choose a simple magnolia or white walled room. This gives you the perfect blank canvas to personalize and adorn the room with more decorative elements. Fairy, nursery rhyme and teddy bear templates and stencils, like those at https://www.thestencilstudio.com/collections/nursery-stencils, can be great to add a touch of character to your baby’s room. Try and match your color scheme with your baby’s furniture. Go for ergonomically well designed drawers and a changing table that is specific for nurseries. This means that the sharp corners are rounded and the furniture can be tethered to the walls to limit accidents.

Make space for plenty of soft toys, comforting textures and fabrics, and a mobile. Gentle music can be soothing. Use blackout blinds to promote good sleep and ensure a little night light is accessible should your little one prefer the comforting shade of a gentle orange or blue hue. 

Becoming a new mum is the most thrilling and daunting experience. While your life may never be the same again, it will be all the more enriching with a new little one to bring you so much joy.


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