This Lugz Boot Is Perfect For Spring Cleanup! @SMGurusNetwork @LugzLifestyle

This Lugz Boot Is Perfect For Spring Cleanup!

This Lugz Boot Is Perfect For Spring Cleanup!

This Lugz Boot is perfect for yard work, shop work, and daily use.  They are super comfy with their padded tongue and collar, cushioned insole, and pull tab that make it easier to put them on.  Do you have a honey do this for your man this spring?  Then get these boots fort him and he will not mind getting everything done, not guaranteed to make the list get done (haha).  Yeah it features the classic Lugz hardware on the logo and eyelets.

  • Permahide Upper
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Cushioned insole
  • Classic Lugz hardware on logo & eyelets
  • Pull tab for easy on

On their website HERE they have a special website code for 30% off so order soon, not sure when it expires.

For a classic work boot style that brings along rugged performance, step into the Men’s Brace Hi, a durable boot that will stand up to up everyday demands.  Lugz Brace Hi Ankle Boot supports you during all the ups and downs of your expedition. This lace-up boot has a rubber insole that cushions your foot all day and a lugged rubber outsole that enhances durability.


These boots are heavy-duty and can be used for any yard work on the ‘to-do’ list.  They look nice and fit great!  Plus the comfort is awesome!

The eyelets are super strong and so are the shoelaces.  As you can see they are full of comfort inside.

The bottom of the shoes will keep you safe when you need them to.

Now they have a lot to choose from.  Check them out for your next pair!






I will update this when the boots are received.


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  1. I got my husband a pair of Lugz boots and he really like them. He love to hunt and they keep his feet warm.

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