This Planner Is Great For Everyone

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order out of chaos planner

This Planner Is Great For Everyone

I love using a planner, especially these planners, they keep me on time all the time.  I keep everyone’s schedule in one place and this planner is easy to use.  Order Out of Chaos is known for making the best planners available.  Keep you kids on time and know where they are going that day.  Whether to work or soccer practice they will know with just a glance. The pages are thicker than the normal sheets of paper so this will last all year.  My daughter looks forward to getting her new one, each year. Plus this is extremely affordable!

Mom and Dad should have one too.  They can use it to know where everyone is in seconds. This planner is great for kids of all ages, elementary, high school, and college.  Even if they are taking summer classes there is a spot for that.


We received Order Out of Chaos’ 2020-2021 Academic Planner.  This comes in several colors so you should find a color for everyone. This has the flexible plastic cover for safer carrying and using. Inside the cover is a section showing how to use the planner and how it works best. It also has a 12 month calender on a 2 page spread. On the other side is a place to list classes for each hour.

This is the page for information to enter the owner’s information, in case of losing the planner.

After that information is a section showing how to use the planner and how it works best. It also has a 12 month calender on a 2 page spread. On the other side is a place to list classes for each hour and a place for notes, plus a small plastic ruler..

As you can see to the left you can see which class goes with each week so this does not have to be rewritten. There is plenty of room to write due dates for assignments and more..  After school is at the bottom, and they even have a spot for Saturday and Sunday.

Each month has a recap of the month for important due dates and a place for notes from the month.

The one on the left is Order Out of Chaos’ Academic Planner Student Sticker Sheet.  This helps them remember important dates. With these fun colored sticker they can tell with a glance if something is due, if they work, no school, and more.

The one of the right is for tabs in the planner.  You can easily find the current month even in the middle of the year.  These are a harder plastic so they will last all year.


It’s Easy To Use. The planner’s patented design allows students to see when assignments are due and tests scheduled ALONGSIDE after-school commitments and free blocks of time.

It’s Functional. Seeing both scheduled and available blocks of time creates an easy and natural method for students to record and review their weekly schedules facilitating weekly time management and planning strategies.

It Puts the Student in Control. Writing down assignments requires students to keep track of assignments and deadlines themselves and reinforces what needs to be done.

Order Out of Chaos’ purpose is to provide hands-on education, guidance and coaching to parents and their students through our customized products and programs, so that all children – both mainstream and with learning differences – can develop the necessary skills they need to experience success in learning and in life.



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