Throw The New Wing Ball

Wing Ball

Throw The New Wing Ball

This Wing Ball it very simple made but it works and the kids are going to love this. This measures 8.7 inches so similar to a football, but not exactly.  Then throw the Wing Ball and you can play catch for hours.  Plus this will go a long way.

This is made from a foam product it feels more like a rubber.  The yellow ring makes that side weigh more and speed through the sky.  Max Distance & Speed Up to 88 Miles Per Hour. This is great for kids 8 and older.

This tubular tirade of science and simplicity can whizz past you at 88 miles per hour! The secret is all in the design: the annular wing construction allows air to pass through, but also lifts the Wingball up for super speeds and super distance! Outmatches traditional footballs and foam competitors for sheer distance.

Soft foam makes it easy to throw and catch! Can be played outside on the lawn, at the beach, at backyard parties and more! Makes a great outdoor summer toy gift for kids and adults and is fun for the whole family!

This really goes a long way so beware of what is behind you when playing catch.  This is a great toy for the summer instead of just a regular ball.  The kids will see how far they can get it to go.

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  1. Looks like lots of fun and a different thing to play football with! Thanks for the review!

  2. This sounds like a fun way to play catch, way more exciting than a regular ball! 88 miles is really impressive. My kids would definitely love playing with this with their dad.

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