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Tinkering Labs Has Great STEM Learning Involved

STEM learning is more important than even in school, so why not make it important at home also.  Tinkering Labs is the a great way to do just that.

It is amazing what happens when we trust kids with their own ideas. That’s why they created the electric motors catalyst: to inspire young tinkerers to imagine and build their own inventions. Children are happiest with their hands and minds are working together – they’re having fun, and they’re also honing their hands-on creative problem-solving skills.

The possibilities are endless with Tinkering Labs electric motor catalyst kit: introduce kids to electronics: kids can create electronic builds with their own hands, using the motors, wires, and battery pack to experiment with electricity and simple circuits. Build wooden robots: open-ended play with real Wood, real motors and real hardware inspires DIY robotics for girls & Boys. No screen time or programming – just pure hands-on invention.

Make STEM fun: Create electric vehicle toys, doodling robots, and more! A great family activity: kids, teens, parents, and grandparents all enjoy innovating and tinkering together. Get your LEGO involved: combine multiple Tinker kits to create bigger and more powerful innovations. Connect LEGO robotics or other objects to your creations for a unique tinkering combination!

Everything you need is included, even the batteries and a giant paper work surface. And to fuel the imagination, The electric motors catalyst comes with a deck of challenge cards with inspirational prompts such as “build a machine that draws curvy lines” And “make a machine that can Scramble an egg.” we are constantly amazed by the ingenuity and variety of creative solutions that kids come up with… look mom, The ultimate robot! It’s like a stem subscription in a single box! The electric motor makes my toys move! Who knows what your young tinkerers will invent?

They talk about safety and even include safety glasses!  This is really important to me, I don’t want my young children using things that are not safe.

I believe they have thought of everything the child’s mind can think  of for their imagination to work overtime!

I have not built this yet.  I know that everything is well made and will not fall apart for the kids to get frustrated with. I highly recommend the Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst kit  to everyone with a child who likes to tinker.  Recommended for ages 8 – 12.








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  1. It’s awesome that this has real tools! Sure to inspire any child’s creativity. I think it would be fun to work on this with a child

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