tiny B Chocolate Indulge Yourself @tinyBchocolate

tiny B Chocolate Indulge Yourself

Candy is part of my family’s tradition at the holidays.  We make our own and we bring in the best chocolates we have found during the year.  Well I am sure everyone is going to love tiny B Chocolate!

tiny B chocolate is so creamy and has the flavor of fresh homemade fudge.  They have special pieces with their chocolate rolled in that make them dream worthy.  Indulge yourself this holiday season, shhh, it’s just our secret!

Brazil. Bossa nova. Beaches. And now brigadeiros! That’s the essence of tinyB chocolates. We capture the excitement, romance and richness of Brazil in the magic of its favorite national chocolate treat. Luscious chocolate brigadeiros. Available now for the first time in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Now made fresh in San Francisco with local, natural ingredients. Always gluten free. Made fresh to order with two-day delivery guaranteed anywhere in the continental US, tinyB offers the hands-on care and service of a local family owned business blended with international charm and panache.

Offered in exquisite handcrafted packaging, they caress the eyes as well as the taste buds.

tinyB chocolate


But at its heart, tinyB is about the happy love story between Renata, a beautiful Brazilian chocolatier, and Andrei, a San Francisco tech entrepreneur. They fell in love, got married and started tinyB in their kitchen as a way to share their love for each other and for brigadeiros with San Francisco and the world.

Renata’s special recipe heightens the chocolate intensity, without the bitterness of dark chocolate or the sweetness of extra sugar. Hand-dipped coatings offer a variety of sensational taste treats.

I know your mouth is watering!  Get more information:








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  1. Their products are really pretty and they look delicious! I love that they are made with natural ingredients.

  2. Those mini chocolate balls look so yummy! I wouldn’t mind treating myself to something like that.

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