Tips For Beginning Bloggers

Tips For Beginning Bloggers

Tips For Beginning Bloggers

I have been blogging almost 8 years and with that comes some experience.  I hope I can help the beginning bloggers out there to know what they will need to do and to learn more about.  Most bloggers welcome beginning bloggers and will help where they can, so don’t be afraid to reach out to some of them for advice.  You can also find groups on Facebook that is just for helping bloggers, because no one is perfect and we are constantly learning too!

I am going to hit on some subjects that will inform you enough for you to look for more information on the internet.  There are a lot of blogs dedicated to blogging and subjects you will run into.  All it takes is a quick search.

The first thing you need to do, after you decide you want to blog, is find your specialty or area you want to write in. I write product reviews and giveaways but that is not what I started to write about.  I planned on writing about accounting, yeah big stretch! So don’t be surprised if your idea ends up shifting to something different.  This is ok, you will love it! But remember this still can be a job whether full-time or part-time you will still need to take care of things like you do everyday at a job.

The most important thing you need to know is there are rules to writing posts and what they are.  For example FTC rules cover the fact that if you were compensated you must disclose this information.  You and the company you are working for can get fined if you do not do this. Just a quick note; compensation can be money or product so this is very important.

Did you get all your social media accounts set up?  A lot of companies like video reviews more than when I first started.  So this is one to consider strongly.  Also don’t forget to sign up for Google analytics. This helps track your pageviews and other performance.  Consider and ad network and different marketing companies that need influencer marketing.

Beginning Bloggers need to have the right website and set up the way they want it. I recommend getting someone to help set up your blog, unless you know most of what you need to do. This can be complicated and some errors will be more costly to fix in the future. Mine was set up by someone that is a great friend and helped me out a lot. I use WordPress and it works great for me.  Make for sure you get a host company that doesn’t charge you a lot of money each month.

You will need to add blog posts to give people a reason to return to your blog.  Also post on a regular basis, whether weekly or daily keep it as steady as possible.  Beginning Bloggers need to write about a variety of topics to attract more than one group of followers.

Your blog is ready, you have your schedule for posts, now comes the work.  You will need to promote your blog as much as possible.  Don’t just get family and friends to follow you but also get their friends and others to follow you.  You may consider posting giveaways, from other bloggers to begin with, to grow and get new visitors.

Once you start to reach out to other bloggers and join Facebook groups for blogging you will learn how much networking helps beginning bloggers. It can be fun to get to learn people dispositions and decide who you work like to reach out to.  The groups can help you will this. Some influencers spotlight certain bloggers to give them an extra boost.  Or they might mention you in a post which will drive traffic your way.

Promote yourself as much as possible.  There are programs out there, I use Sendible, where you can post things on social media at different times throughout the month by just scheduling it.  I highly recommend this to save you a lot of time.

In the end you will grow your audience and you will be thrilled.  You will be able to make money blogging if you plan and follow through on all you will need to.  The above gives you some ideas of what you need to think about when deciding to blog.  If I can help in anyway please let me know.



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