Toilet Tree Bamboo Bathroom Seat

ToiletTree Bamboo Bathroom Seat

ToiletTree Bamboo Bathroom Seat

Do you need a seat in the shower or bathtub to make it easier to shower.  No more standing up and lifting a leg to wash or shave, trying to balance yourself.  This deluxe 100% Natural eco-friendly bamboo shower seat is a great addition to any shower. It will also look great in the bathroom or any other room in your home!

This shower bench comes with a squeegee to help ensure easy cleanup after you use the shower. This will ensure that the bathroom is always clean and fresh to be used by the next person!

The bamboo seat is sealed with a glossy finish that will protect against water stains and damage. The shelf underneath will conveniently store towels or other bathroom items.

In addition to using this fashionable wood seat inside your shower, you can place it in the main part of your bathroom and access the bottom shelf for extra storage; it’s transitional style works with any type of décor.  This handy bench is perfect for any room in your home; pull it up to the fireplace for a place to sit comfortably to stoke the fire; use it as extra seating in your computer room; great for a child to sit on in the kitchen.

Feel free to put this well-made seat in an outside shower, a spa, or sauna; bring it to your RV, your porch, balcony, patio, lawn, or deck. Just the right size for so many uses inside and outside your home.

ToiletTree Bamboo Bathroom Seat ToiletTree Bamboo Bathroom Seat

I really love how this looks, very pretty and makes a great gift.  Desiree sits on it to shave her legs easier.  This is sturdy for her and we spray it with a cleaner after each use to keep it clean and mold free.  This comes in a few pieces but only takes minutes to put together.

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  1. It really is a beautiful seat! Using it to shave legs is a great idea for safety and convenience. I think most ladies would say they’ve had at least one close call with a fall while shaving! Love it!

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