Tony Rouse Candles Smell Fantastic

Tony Rouse Candles Smell Fantastic

Tony Rouse Candles Smell Fantastic

I love candles especially when they smell really good.  Tony Rouse candles are different.  Yeah they smell amazing but they last longer than any candle I have ever used.  I burned this for over 12 hours and it did not even use 1/4 of the candle.  Tony Rouse Titan candle is the scent lavender and musk.  It really does smell so good!

A friend came up to see me and I wanted the house to smell good so I lit this candle.  She was really impressed with how great it smelled.  Plus she usually gets headaches from scented candles, but this one never gave her a headache.  The smell is not overpowering, it just fills the air with subtle scents.

Tony Rouse’s take on this candle:

Relaxation is necessary. Taking the time to be reflective provides a sense of meaning and peace. Titan is a sense of accomplishment that embodies an atmosphere rich with opportunity that allows one to plan ahead for the next task at hand. Titan… Conquer The Day.

This candle even looks cool.  It will blend in with your home and people will wonder where this wonderful scent is coming from. They have other choices of fantastic candles. MOGUL which is citrus and sandlewood. GOD is fresh mist and amber. SAVAGE is dark chocolate and pine. POWER is smoked plum and cedarwood. KINGPIN is spices bergamot and leather.

Tony Rouse is the intersection of lifestyle, culture, business and entertainment. A Brand Strategy Specialist known as The Curator of High-End Experiences whose revolutionary concepts and projects have achieved international exposure and acclaim.

If you want a candle that is unique and original combination scents, that also smells like no other, and last a long time, then Tony Rouse candles are the ones for you. This makes a great gift during the holidays, birthdays, and anytime to make someone feel special.



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  1. These candles sound really nice! I love the unique scents and they would look great in any room. They are perfect to give as a gift as well!

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