Tootsie Roll Variety Pack Hot Cocoa

Tootsie Roll Variety Pack Hot Cocoa

I love hot cocoa and so do the kids.  It getting boring to drink the same kind all the time.  Tootsie Roll Variety Pack Hot Cocoa gives you a lot of different flavors to choose from.  Junior Mints, Sugar Babies, Tootsie Roll, and more great candy flavors.  Each one of these tastes fantastic.  The kids have all found favorites but switch up when they are craving something else.

Since you get 40 k-cups in the box everyone can find a favorite and try all the great flavors.  Now, there’s another way to enjoy the perfectly chocolaty tastes from the entire Tootsie Roll candy line which include Junior mints, Charleston Chew, and Sugar Babies. We’ve created a new line of creamy hot cocoas based on those iconic candy flavors in single serve cups so you can enjoy each of them, one hot and delicious cup at a time. Take a trip back in time and savor the goodness of one of America’s iconic brands.

Tootsie Roll Hot cocoa Junior Mint

The hot cocoa is the flavor that jumps out but the extra of caramel, mint, or one of the great Charleston Chews is a flavor that definitely comes through. These are delicious and will cure a sweet tooth in minutes.

I have been drinking these for years and have never had any trouble with this going through my Keurig.  It brews completely and all the flavors taste great. This is my favorite hot cocoa on the market.

My favorite is Sugar Babies Hot Cocoa with the chocolate and caramel flavor it really is delicious.

At only 60 calories each, you can have your sweet tooth taken care of anytime of the day.  I get a sweet tooth at night and with these I do not have to worry about the excess calories.  Plus with this variety I can satisfy anything I am looking for.



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  1. I bet this would be good on a chilly Winter night. I like Tootsie Rolls, so I know I’d like this cocoa.

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