Top Tools for Prospecting New Business

Prospecting New Business

Top Tools for Prospecting New Business

Identifying a new business opportunity can be a very long process. Any person who has been in the sales field knows that a lot must be done before you successfully acquire a new customer. Customer acquisition is nearly impossible without prospecting, so it’s no wonder that every sales representative needs tools for finding new business opportunities.

It is not that simple to identify an opportunity and convert it into a business. Come to think about it, when you are out there in the field, you are putting together a sales pipeline that you hope to convert into new business sooner or later. If you do not approach this process correctly, you will waste a lot of time and revenue by creating and sharing sales pitches that will bear no fruits.

Finding the right leads is a challenging process, and no single program can help you achieve that. However, tools for prospecting new business can help you simplify the process and filter out quality leads for you. Here are the top tools for getting new business you should know.


This is one of the top tools for prospecting new business created by Tropare Inc., one of the world’s leading marketing software developers. It is a mobile prospecting tool making it a popular choice among several sales representatives. tProspector is a location-based new business prospecting tool that uses several variables about your top prospect or leads to enhance your sales insights and consequently hasten success.

tProspector can show sales representatives where their targets are situated, some insights about their operations, key contacts, purchasing power, and much more. The tool is also CRM compatible, customizable, and can cover a wide range of industries. You can see this site to learn more about how tProspector works and the benefits it can offer. You can also request a demo before you begin using this tool.


This is also one of the tools you should consider if you are looking to prospect new business. One of the top features provided by Pipedrive is the ability to connect your email with your contacts. This means that you will always know which prospect is reaching out to you and even the stage of the sales cycle they are currently.

Pipedrive can help you identify whether you can close a deal with a certain prospect or not. You can use it to check your pipeline’s status and whether they have read the email pitches you had shared to them. This makes it easier for any sales rep to know which prospect to make a follow-up on and the one you should wait for before contacting them again.

HubSpot CRM

One feature that makes HubSpot CRM a standout tool for prospecting new business is the option for real-time chat with a prospect as soon as they visit your site. This makes it easier to convert a prospect into a lead because you will be there to answer any query that the prospect might have. If a prospect is impressed, you can quickly get a new customer because the real-time chat feature enables you to eliminate any doubt the prospect might have.

On top of that, HubSpot has lots of other sales and marketing features that you can use to nurture your prospects. The software also provides a dashboard feature that you can use to contact leads directly. This makes HubSpot one of the few fully integrated tools for prospecting new business.


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