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Trashed From Winning Moves Games

Trashed From Winning Moves Games

Trashed From Winning Moves Games

Trashed From Winning Moves Games is fun game for ages 7 and up. The object of the game is to get all your card in order 1 through 10.  The winner must win 3 rounds. Trashed From Winning Moves Games can keep kids entertained for hours with all the different rules.

Each player gets 10 cards to begin with.  Then you draw from the pile of cards until you get your cards in a sequential order to win that round.  There are special cards you will love or hate. The wild card will help you complete your hand easier but that nasty Stop card will make your turn end.  Then the Trashed card will make you Trash another player. You can steal any face up number card, except for Wild cards, from any opponent you choose.  Then they can’t get rid of the Trashed card unless they get a Wild card or the exact number they need for that spot. That will take them extra long to try to win the game.  This would be great for someone that has won previous rounds and you don’t want them to win the game.

After winning the first round this person only needs 9 cards because they have to get cards 1 – 9 instead of 1 – 10.  Down to 8 cards for the final round if they win the 2nd round.  This game could last awhile or you could end it at each round.  For a harder version remove 2 of the Wild cards and for a longer game play 10 rounds down to winner getting a 1 with 1 card.

I am sure you can make up variation to this game the more you play.  Since it is simple to learn someone younger could play that recognizes his/her numbers and can get them in order.  This would be a great game for a family fun night!!

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