Travel blogging made easy

Travel blogging made easy

Travel blogging made easy – make your mark with these simple blog tips

Think of travel blogging and your mind will probably jump to exotic beaches, amazing food and plenty of stunning waterfall shots. What we don’t connect with travel blogging is the amount of hard work that goes on behind the scenes. And the amount of dedication, knowledge and time it takes to keep things running and current is certainly underestimated. 

It’s fair to say that there are thousands of travel blogs out there, and you might be wondering if the market is already saturated, however, it’s worth keeping in mind that just because there are lots of blogs already published online, they may not be offering what you have and they might not be very good!

Here we’ll look at how you can make your mark with these simple travel blog tips.

Ensure you have all the blogging essentials 

Don’t be fooled into thinking you only need a laptop and a good internet connection to get your blog up and running. If you want your blog to stand out from your competitors, then investing in blogging essentials is a must. From plagiarism and proofreading software – get it proofread here, just click the link – to spell checking, and of course all your social media pages. All of these will help boost your blogs SEO and will help drive traffic to your blog.

Be proactive with notes and photos

Of course, you want to live in the moment, but the commitment to your blog is what will make it stand out from all the others. Be proactive when you’re out and about and take plenty of notes, and photographs, not just to place directly onto your blog, but for your reference. The last thing you want is to fail to recall all the minute details of the hiking trail you took through Malaysia. 

Don’t just provide information, provide inspiration

It’s all very well and good providing a source of information and advice for travellers. It’s acceptable to give “top ten reasons why you should visit NYC” but you should try to provide different angles and perspectives in your writing. Don’t be afraid to be different and pepper your general travel advice with interesting perceptions. 

Remember that SEO is your friend

Sadly, people won’t just accidentally stumble across your blog. You have to work for every page visit and click via SEO. Research keywords, invite guest posts and interaction on your pages, link all your social media and keep them updated. Create fresh, unique content regularly and ensure your site is optimised for mobile and tablet.  


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