Travel Make-up Train Bag By Ellis James Designs @EllisJamesD



Travel Make-up Train Bag By Ellis James Designs

Travel Make-up Train Bag By Ellis James Designs

Do you need a practical make up bag that is easy to care for?  This elegant Ellis James Designs Make-up Train Bag is just that! Soft fabric that you can wipe clean and it is padded to protect all your favorite products.

Desiree has so much make-up and when we are traveling it is hard for her to decide what to take with her.  This bag will fit a lot of products and her brushes, to make her decision a little easier.

make up train bag

Desiree also uses this Make-up Train Bag  for storage so make-up is not sitting all around the bathroom, which drives me crazy! She can organize the things she uses a lot so she can find them easier and nothing gets misplaced.  Sometime she likes to do her make-up in her room, this bag also makes that easier.

This has 12 slots for brushes and small tools.  This is great for all the different brushes Desiree has for lips to blush.  With a large main compartment with 4 removable velcro dividers, there is enough room for hair brush and hair tools such as a curling iron or straightener.  It is really amazing how much you can fit in this elegant bag. This bag also has a removable zip pouch for all your on-the-go essentials.  You can hide it in the zipper part on the lid.

Made from quilted padded nylon, making it easy to clean and gives protection.  This bag is 8.7 W x 12 L x 4 D inches so plenty of size for everything you use on a daily basis, without being hard to carry or move because it is too big and bulky.  This Make-Up Train Bag is just the right size to fit in a suitcase or move around your make-up from room to room. The interior can be easily wiped clean, which we all need to do right now with our make-up bags.

The zipper on this bag surprised me how heavy duty it is so it is not going to rip or get stuck!  When I received this bag is was wrapped in tissue paper,  in a box, and in a plastic cover, that make for sure you get what you pay for.  Not only a quality bag but easy to use daily and carries lots of make-up and more!

This shows the handle that makes it easy to carry.  The hidden bag in the zipper compartment can be used for money or other make-up items.  This Make-up Train Bag is a great addition for almost any woman in your life.

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  1. I love all the compartments and the fact there’s a specific place for makeup brushes. This is a terrific bag.

  2. These are so nice. I love how well padded and easy to clean this are. What a great way to keep our makeup organized. Thank you for sharing these great products

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