How to Travel to NYC on a Budget

How to Travel to NYC on a Budget

How to Travel to NYC on a Budget

The city of New York is notoriously expensive for tourists and residents alike. You can save money as a tourist by opting for tours instead of showing yourself around. However, there are more ways to save money other than booking tours.

As a frugal traveler, you will find many things in the concrete jungle that will suit your budget.

Here are some tips for traveling to NYC on a budget:

Find Discounts before you Arrive

If possible, you need to buy a tourist pass to save money. With a tourist pass, you will get free entry and discounted entry into many tourist attractions in the city, including the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. However, whether you get this pass or not depends on the duration of your stay and the attractions you want to see.

Before agreeing to pay full price for anything, you should look for discounts online. You can get a discount for everything, including accommodation, food, and tours.   

Traveling to and within NYC

You need to check discount websites before you book your flight to NYC. If you are planning to travel by hop on hop off bus tours, you should check out all their specials and tours first to see the best for you.

When you’re not on the tour bus, the best way to save money in the concrete jungle is to depend on public transport when traveling from one place to the other.

If you opt to use the subway, you should get a MetroCard and check whether the train is an express one. Are you bringing a young child and would prefer to stay off the subway? Although subways are perfectly safe for young children, you can use buses to get from point A to point B. Bear in mind that New York is always packed with traffic, which means it’s better to walk to your destination if it’s close by.

Free and Cheap Attractions

If you are visiting New York on a budget, you should take advantage of the many museums, which charge little to nothing. Some of them ask visitors to donate any amount, which is quite fair. You can even get into some museums free if your timing is right.

If you want to visit a free landmark in NYC, you should go to the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge has a bike lane as well as a pedestrian walkway, so you can visit it any way you like.

Get out of Midtown

The delectable Korean BBQ and bright lights of Times Square might tempt you to stay in Midtown, but you will save even more money if you stay away from this area. Because of the great attractions in Midtown, the accommodation and food prices there are much higher than other areas of NYC.

Take to the Water

As you might have guessed, the Statue of Liberty is one of the most visited attractions in New York. However, if the idea of waiting in line with hundreds of people puts you off, you should find other ways to see it. The Staten Island Ferry, which runs between Staten Island and Whitehall, offers a cheaper means to see the Statue of Liberty.

Enjoy Free Events

If you visit the Big Apple in the summer, you will have loads of free events to attend. For instance, Bryant Park has weekly outdoor flicks that you can enjoy at no cost. If you want to see Shakespeare in the Park performances for free, you should line up at Central Park’s Delacorte Theater at dawn for tickets.

Bargain-hunting can be time-consuming, but the opportunities it provides you to experience things you otherwise might not make it very much worth the trouble. And NYC offers a whole world of those if you only look.


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