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Today I just want to give you some new ways to enjoy your travels and learn about the area you are visiting.  We love to take drives around the area we are staying.  You can learn a lot about the area and how people live while you are visiting.

I start at Restaurants.com.  You can find really great deals on restaurant certificate for 1/2 off or more.  This is where we find different restaurants to visit.  Off the beaten path.  Most have their menus and prices listed, so you know what type of establishment it is.  Some have websites that you can look up.  You can sort them by distance from a certain area code.  We try to not go anymore than 60 miles, most of the time we prefer 30 miles.  We do not want to spend vacation in the car.  When we go for a week we get 4 – 5 so we have different choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  If you do not use them you can exchange them for the next time or someplace near your home.

While on vacation we take drives and the restaurants give us a place to aim for while taking our time and seeing things around us.  We love to find Farmer’s Markets, Flea Markets, and local grocery stores.  We have found some of the best fruit at Farmer’s Markets.  We have a favorite place when we go to Myrtle Beach to get great prices on name brand shoes, but this flea market is really big and we love to see things that people make in the different areas.  The grocery store will possible introduce you to new cuts of meat or new meat you have never tried.  Also watch their produce and deli.

Also while driving I love to look at the different landscaping houses have.  People in Michigan have grass, but places like Nevada do not have grass and either get sod or plants to decorate their lawns.  We have also asked about what workers are doing when they are picking up sod from businesses, I did not know there is a summer sod and a winter sod, at least there is there.

Some of the trees are beautiful in the different places also.  The dogwood trees have beautiful flowers, and there are so many different trees and bushes that we do not see everyday.  You might even find some new ideas to do around your own home.

While driving along the waterline you may find some hidden wonders, beaches that locals use, beautiful picture shots, and more.  Just keep your eyes open and watch what the locals do, they normally know the best spots for lots of things.  While you are at the stores or flea markets ask them where a good restaurant is you are more likely to find a reasonable place to eat than from the books and advertisements.

Have fun on your next vacation!



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  1. Great tips! I travel for business from Kansas City to Northern Indiana by car at least once a month and love to look for places to do and see as well. Last time I took my fishing pole and gear and bought a day fishing pass for $9.00 and scoped out a few rivers, streams and lakes that permitted fishing. Not only did I get to enjoy nature but I got some relaxing time as well after work.

  2. The best part of vacation for me is to not have anything planned and take each hour as it comes. Drive around and find some local ma and pa burger joint and chill and meet the locals. That is the way I roll.

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