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Triple Cross

Push in! Push up! Push out! Players engage in head-to-head strategic battle by placing discs in the innovative Triple Cross tower. Your aim is to have more vertical and diagonal “3-in-a-rows” than your opponent. It may look like you’re all lined up for a win but your opponent’s next move could knock a key piece out of the tower. Utilize special “blockers” to lock in a row and guard your position. Be the boss of Triple Cross!

Triple Cross

  • Take strategy to a new level: it’s one thing to be double-crossed, but triple-crossed?
  • The goal: by game’s end, have more vertical and diagonal “three-in-a rows” than your opponent.
  • Unique design: the internal mechanism in the Triple cross tower makes this game unlike any other of its kind.
  • Boss of Triple cross: choose your moves wisely and you’ll be the boss of Triple cross!
  • What’s included: 1 plastic Triple cross tower unit with base. 2 sets of plastic colored discs (12 orange, 12 green) 8 plastic blockers (4 orange, 4 green) illustrated instructions. Two players ages 6+

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