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Tuli Jewelry Helps Families and Kids

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Tuli Jewelry Helps Families and Kids

Tuli Jewelry is so unique and beautiful. They have a large variety and it is all handmade by their artisan artists. Each piece you purchase helps kids go to school, feed the family, and keep them out of poverty for life. Their jobs are for life so as long as we enjoy their jewelry a lot of families will be help by our purchases. Tuli fights poverty by creating sustainable jobs in East Africa.


This Florence Necklace would look great with a white blouse or a green dress.  This will really make a statement and everyone will fall in love with it. Approximately 18″ with a lobster clasp and sizing chain.

Pump up the color with this bold statement necklace featuring deep green paper beads accented by faux pearls on a gold-colored chain. This necklace is by far the favorite style among Tuli partners in Uganda, and for good reason.

This necklace purchase provides a child to go to school for 1 month. They have a lot of different choices, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. This brand is both ethical and sustainable. This necklace is so well made and looks like it will last for years.


Tuli fair trade jewelry is handmade in Uganda using recycled paper beads. Their sales fight poverty and empower the beneficiaries in Kampala by creating steady income and fair, livable wages for them. Your purchase puts money directly into the hands of their partners in Uganda.

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Their mission is to empower resourceful, hard-working people in both Kenya and Uganda to earn long-term, sustainable incomes and, in doing so, fight poverty. They track their artisans’ lifestyles to ensure they are truly enacting the change they preach, and strive for all their artisans to meet both their immediate needs, like food and shelter, and their long-term needs, like savings accounts and higher education.

Tuli | Fair trade jewelry from East Africa



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