Twitter Party – Help For Those New To Twitter Parties Using TweetDeck @TweetDeck

If you are new to twitter parties I want to help you have an easier time and enjoy yourself!!

First we use TweetDeck there are other programs you can use but today I am going to explain TweetDeck!

When you click on the link you will be ask to sign in with your Twitter account.  After that you should see something like this:


From here I will use the example of our #ValGifts Twitter Party February 4th 8 pm EST but you will just switch out the #ValGifts to the new party name when needed.

Now that you are in TweetDeck you will want to add a column for the party to keep track.  You can do this at anytime but I recommend to set it up before the party starts.

All you do is perform a search in the box on the top left and hit enter.  Then can you see at the bottom of the column it says “Add Column” in blue?  Just click that once.


So now you have your column saved.  If you need to delete it go to the right top corner of that column and click on the symbol and you will see delete.


As a blogger I will also have my tweets scheduled for the Twitter Party in the first column.  For bloggers you just add tweet and it will show you where you can schedule it.

As someone attending the party you just have to click on the “New Tweet” button and make for sure to add the hashtag, for this it would be #ValGifts, with your answer or your tweet.

You can always add another column to follow each host so you see the questions and answer them.  You can retweet or answer anyone in the first column.

The buttons are reply, retweet, like, and another menu.  Below I clicked on reply, then I could type anything I wanted to but again add the hashtag, #ValGifts.


Here I just clicked the retweet button.  If you click quote tweet you can add a comment to it.  This is where you can answer questions asked or just hit new tweet!  Just remember your hashtag or no one is going to see it.


Here is where you just like the tweet!


See how it is pink/red in the corner of the tweet to know that I liked the tweet.  Also below is the additional menu items you can do from that tweet.


To add a column for the hosts.  Click on ” + Add column” on the left in the gray area.  This will come up.  Click on “@Mentions”.


First your name will automatically come up after you click “@Mentions”.  It would not be a bad idea to add yourself to a column because this is how we will notify you if you are a winner!



Now you can type in a name or user name to add a column for them.  Like I said the Hosts would be great to help you answer questions.


That is all there is to it!  Again this was for TweetDeck!  If something is not clear please let me know and I will add more to the post.

Please let me know if this helps.


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  1. Unfortunately I couldn’t participate…my Twitter account appears to be partially locked, and waiting for technical support. Congratulations to the winners!

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