Two Rivers Medium Coffee Sampler

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Two Rivers Medium Coffee Sampler

Two Rivers Medium Coffee Sampler

Want some great medium roast coffee?  Try Two Rivers Medium Coffee Sampler. If you just want to wake up with a good cup of coffee this is the coffee for you. No bitterness, just great tasting coffee. Two Rivers Medium Coffee Sampler has a variety of blends, but they are all medium roast.  Always have a variety on hand or if you like something just a little different each time. It’s also a great way to discover which brand you like best without buying a whole box and maybe not liking it.

You get a good variety in this box of coffee. You get bold and regular medium roast coffee.  The brands are all great and wake me up quickly. There is nothing like a good cup of coffee brewing in the morning and this coffee gives me that full aroma, flavor, and consistency.

I received Brooklyn Bean Corner Donut Shop, Java Factory Donut Shop, Hamilton House Blend, Hamilton House Cape Code Roast, Java Factory Smooth Caffeinator, Real Tree Timber, Brooklyn Bean Columbian. This way everyone that likes medium roast coffee will get exactly what they like.

Their coffee is made with 100% Arabic beans.  They examine all the beans before roasting to make for sure they mean their standards.  Then they roast them in small batches to give it the smoothness we are all use to.

They also examine each k-cup to make for sure it has the correct amount of coffee. This way you know when you make this it will be a good cup of coffee whether first thing in the morning or in the afternoon as a pick me up.

These brands are some of the highest quality you can buy.  Go ahead and get ready for the great taste of a morning cup of coffee with this sampler box.

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