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My U.S.A. Road Trip Gift Set Makes Summer Trips Even More Fun @ISeeMe_Books

My U.S.A. Road Trip

My U.S.A. Road Trip Gift Set Makes Summer Trips Even More Fun

I have been on lots of fun road trips with smaller children and sometimes they can get really bored.  The My U.S.A. Road Trip Gift Set has a great book for the kids to learn about all the states.  This is a fun way for a child to learn about states they will be visiting or have visited.  As they visit each state in the book they scratch it off on the map, so they will learn geography while they are at it.  What a great way to start kids young to want to learn more about the U.S.A.

This gift set features a colorful scratch-off map, perfect to track your real-life travels or follow along with the matching book, My U.S.A. Road Trip!

Spark your child’s curiosity and imagination with this personalized gift set that includes My U.S.A. Road Trip and a matching scratch-off map. Perfect for birthdays, baby showers, or holidays, this gift set will inspire exploration and discovery! In the story, your child receives a personalized driver’s license, hops into a magical car, and learns state names and key monuments during the journey across America. Your child will take a rest stop in his or her own state to learn a few extra fun facts!

Personalize this road trip adventure with your child’s name, gender, and current state. Select the child’s skin tone and hair color, and (optionally) upload a photo of your child’s face to be incorporated throughout the illustrations! At the end of the book you’ll find a personalized map of the United States. Also included is a list of all 50 states with their capitals, so your child can check off the names of the states where he or she has visited in real life! As you read, follow along with the scratch-off map and engage curious minds with a hands-on adventure!

Betty is going to love this.  She can scratch off the states as she learns about them.  This will make her want to continue to learn about the states.  If we can keep teaching her about the states she will want to continue to learn more and more, this map will really add to the book! Desiree will love it if we decide to do a Limo Find on the trip.

I love the cover, it has her picture and her name as the license plate.

The very first page shows her full name and birth date.  It also shows the dedication so she always remembers where the book came from.

I love that it shows she has her own drivers license.  The colors are beautiful and the illustrations are perfect!

She will learn just a little bit about each state.  That way she will at least be familiar with the names of the states and a couple of things that will peak her interest for a later time.

This is so cute for Michigan.  It shows the state flag, bird, flower, and what the state looks like and points out ‘this is where you live’!  This book is wonderful just like all of their products.  Take a look around their website and see what you think, what is your favorite?

I See Me has lots of personalized gifts for children.  These are perfect for birthdays, holidays, and everyday!

Check out their site and all their great products or follow them.





I received this product to give my honest opinion.


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  1. I love the I see me books have already got 2 for my great niece. I was looking at the birthday books yesterday she will soon be a year old. This road trip book would be great for her they can mark off where they have been.

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