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Christmas ornament storage


Let’s be honest today!  How do you store your ornaments from year to year?  I wrap mine in paper and put them all together in a box.  Next year I always have trouble finding the right box and where it has been moved to.

I always worry about them breaking because it takes so long to put them away, by the end I am done and am not as careful as I should be, since I just want to be done with the job.

Ultimate Home Storage has this really beautiful ornament storage box.  They have other designs so don’t worry if this fabric is not your favorite.  It arrives well protected in the vinyl bag with a zipper.  You can keep this to store it in also.  This is a perfect starter box for the new collector.  It also makes a great gift for newlyweds, young families, or Christmas.

This box is 22″ x 16″ x 7 1/2″ high!  That is a lot of ornaments!  This is the Jeweled Pine II – Black.  This fabric was the first one they used and is still remains their best-selling items.  They have 5 different series and each series has a variety of fabric to choose from.  You can find all of their ornament storage boxes on their site.

Christmas ornament storageThe top compartment has a 3″ deep tray with 28 adjustable compartments!  The bottom compartment is 4″ deep for over-sized items with 16 adjustable compartments.  They are made with acid free heavy-duty chipboard throughout.  Tarnish inhibitor added to help reduce the atmospheric effect on silvered and metal ornaments.  

This is from their site HERE.

In its natural state, trees, from which paper board is produced, absorb numerous chemicals from the air and ground, and are highly acidic by nature. Untreated paper pulp, made from wood pulp, is therefore acidic as well. The acid in untreated paper board tends to leach the color out of objects which come in contact with it. We have experienced this color degradation in our old family photo albums with faded and yellow photos. Further more this inherent acid accelerates deterioration of the paper itself. We have all noticed old papers and boxes stored in our attics become brittle and have a tendency to fall apart. Our Christmas Ornament Storage boxes offer an ACID FREE environment.

Christmas ornament storage

This box is beautiful and holds a lot of ornaments! The box is really sturdy and will be easy to recognize each Christmas. This is not just paper glued on it is fabric that will hold up for a long time. Look around this website for other great storage options.

Christmas ornament storage

I also receive the Acid Free Archival Art Pack.  This is great to put my ornaments in to protect them.  I will not have to ever worry again about my favorite ornaments getting broke.

Archival Art-Pack is a specially developed acid-free shredded bond paper which gives the perfect amount of support for fragile glass ornaments and protection for all collectibles. Protecting your collectibles with this archival shred will isolate your items from contact with potentially harmful acidic storage materials.  They come packaged in 2 lb. bag with enough material for any of their Ultimate Ornament Boxes.

Christmas ornament storage

They have 30 years experience in specialty storage box manufacturing and take pride in offering you the finest detailed, hand crafted Christmas ornament storage boxes, beautiful enough to enhance your holiday decor.  They introduced Christmas Ornament Storage over 10 years ago and are still the only provider of fabric-covered, archival, acid free ornament storage boxes.  All Ultimate Christmas Ornament Storage boxes are proudly made in the USA.

If you need help storing your ornaments check out their site!


I received this product to give my honest opinion!  Do you have special ornaments you would like to keep safe?


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