Undercover Chocolate Is The Perfect Treat

Undercover Chocolate

Undercover Chocolate Is The Perfect Treat

Undercover Chocolate makes an awesome chocolate and then they pair it with quinoa to make a crunchy chocolatey treat!  Their Chocolate Quinoa Crisps tastes great, are gluten-free and nut-free, and are only 120 – 130 calories.  I could eat these anytime I want a chocolate snack without the extra guilt a regular candy bar has.

Undercover Chocolate makes chocolate treats for the health conscious. These are very light and give you that chocolate most of us crave.  But they sneak in some better-for-us ingredients to make these treats delicious which is much better for us than the heavy calorie snacks.

These are perfect treats for after school, afternoon snack, at work snack, traveling, and in the lunch box. Because they are lower in sugar, calories and fat than similar snacks and treats. Healthy, simple, premium ingredients naturally packed with protein, fiber, and nutrients!

There is no aftertaste that you get from some healthy-for-you foods.  These are delicious and crunchy, fresh every time. They comes in Dark chocolate & sea salt, dark chocolate & pomegranate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate & blueberries, and milk chocolate & currants.  I was able to try all the flavor and honestly they are all great I have no particular favorite, I would order all of these.

Certified gluten-free, nut free, non GMO, kosher, halal, and rainforest alliance-certified cocoa.  They are safe to take to school because they are allergen friendly!  They product these wonderful chocolate treats at their own SQF-3 certified, dedicated factory at Undercover HQ located in East Hanover, New Jersey, USA.

If you love chocolate like I do then Undercover Chocolate is for you too! This is the best tasting healthy treat I have ever tried.  I am positive the kids with love them and won’t even know they are healthy.

I had to update this post about their newest flavor.  Peppermint and chocolate, one has milk chocolate another one has dark chocolate.  This has a hint of peppermint and these are my new favorites.  It is awesome! Honestly I love them all and plan on making sure I pack these in Desiree’s lunch.


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  1. Undercover Chocolate sounds amazing! All of the flavors sound delicious and I absolutely love that they are allergen free and good for you! I am going to go buy some right now. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I am trying to stay away from chocolate candy bars but it is hard. These look and sound like something I would enjoy. I have been a fan of quinoa for many years so in chocolate it might be intersting. I will check these out

  3. Oh my!!! I have been trying to eat healthier..but I have a sweet tooth! These treats look so delicious and they aren’t terrible for me! Thanks for sharing the yumminess!

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