Update Your Walls With Floating Shelves and Mantels

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Update Your Walls With Floating Shelves and Mantels

I love to change my wall decorations during spring and fall.  By updating my walls with Floating Shelves and Mantels I can bring a whole new, fresh look that everyone will love.  These shelves can hold lots of other decorating items and make the wall bring on a great new classy look.  Plus in the future you just need to change what is on the shelves to freshen the room up. Have you watched the decorating shows lately?  They all decorate a home with Floating Shelves and Mantels.

Ornamental Mouldings has the very best floating shelves and mantels.  You can find these at Home Depot. They have a lot of choices that are beautiful and would look wonderful in any home.  My walls really needed something to set them apart from the boring wall with a picture hung.  Now I have exactly what I want.

For example, this Rustic floating mantel shelf brought my boring walls into 2020.  I love the wood grain on this one.  I add a favorite vase and a mirror to make it look extra special.  See how easy this is.  Plus they are easy to hang!

The Ambrosia Maple floating shelf is designed to bring a rustic element to any room. Use this as a shelf or as a mantel above a fireplace. Ambrosia Maple wood features oblong and gray hued bores that run with the grain of the wood leaving a distinct coloration and texture. Highlight these unique elements with a clear finish or stain to match existing decor. Mantel (shelf), wood mounting cleat, wall screws, finish nails and instruction sheet are all included.

This Ambrosia Maple floating shelf is super affordable and let you update you walls with less than most projects.  Why not try something new that won’t bust the budget?  Available at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Wayfair. Easy to find, great prices, and easy to hang, why wouldn’t you do it?

Ornamental Mouldings has so many choices to bring your wall or fireplace into something new that everyone will love!  Any of these can be used in several ways and stained as you see fit.  Above is just a small sample of all their items, you really need to check them out.


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  1. Around my house, we always need more shelf space, so this idea really appeals to me. I like it. And the shelves are attractive from an aesthetic standpoint, too.

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