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USBThere Complete Phone Charger Lock Kit

USBThere Complete Phone Charger Lock Kit

With the grandkids around I am always looking for cords.  I give them their own cords but mine still disappear. With USBThere Complete Phone Charger Lock Kit I don’t have to worry about missing this cord any longer!

USBThere Complete Phone Charger Lock KitUSBThere Complete Phone Charger Lock Kit

Everything you need comes in this bag.  The cord is plugged into a regular USB that plugs into the wall.


Then it gets the special screw so no one can take the cord out of the wall.  The screw uses a security key to screw it in so a screwdriver will not work on this.  The screw is long so it takes awhile to screw it in, but keeps your cords exactly where you want it.  The cord is retractable.  The cord is actual 3.2 ft long. The kit installs on any outlet cover and secures your charger in just seconds!

USBThere Complete Phone Charger Lock Kit

You now have a cord that you can plug-in most phones/electronics into. It has the end for Apple, Android, and a regular type C.  No more looking for cords.  This will save me stress and time searching plus,  it is currently only $15.99..  Some cords cost that much and you get 3 in 1 with this USBThere Complete Phone Charger Lock Kit.

This makes a great gift for any techie, collage student, cell phone owner, and kids with a phone.  I would think this is a must have for a collage student heading back to classes, they will love it.  Put this in their dorm room or apartment and no one is stealing the cord!  Available on Amazon.

Now there is a simple solution for missing chargers, USBthere! How would you like to know where your charger is everytime?  No more buying lots of charger cords and chargers.  This will help anyone that has electronics.


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  1. I like that the cords are retractable. I can imagine that if you have teenagers it would be a constant struggle to keep tabs on your charger. Make them buy their own!

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