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Valentine’s Day With The Kids and Wonderful Halos

wonderful halos

Valentine’s Day With The Kids and Wonderful Halos

I love to spend time with the grandkids and how creative they can be.  I wish I could spend Valentine’s Day with them so I could share the Wonderful Halos I received.  I love to eat them but it is so much more fun with kids.  You can decorate the whole bag of Wonderful Halos with anything you have around the house.  They sent me some ideas with these Halos like heart stickers, toothpicks, google eyes, and washable glitter glue to make the fun Love Bugs. Find some things around the house from other holidays and get decorating.  Cut hearts out of paper and use washable glue to stick them on, I am sure you can come up with more ideas for this fun project.

wonderful halos

As you can see I am not the best at doing this but add the kids imagination and you will have a fun project that you get to eat in the end.  I would think you could use washable markers or all kinds of different decorations.  We still have a lot more to decorate but they won’t last long enough in our house, we all love Wonderful Halos too much.

You can create the Halo Love Bugs too.  You just need the supplies in the above picture. This would be such a fun project with your own kids or with the grandkids. Since we get to eat them when we are done they won’t get wasted and the kids will love to eat each others creations. Talk about a entertaining art project too bad they don’t do this in school. This would make a great project for the kids to do and take some decorated Halo Love Bugs to their fellow students.

Wonderful Halos are in your produce department at your favorite store now.  They are easy to find.  Small enough for little hands to handle.  Easy to peel so they can do it themselves.  They are super sweet and make a great snack.  Open up some of these while you are working on this project with your kids. Kids will really love spending a fun time with you and Wonderful Halos.

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