Variety In Hot Cocoa Oh Yeah! @BROOKLYNBEANS1 #SMGN

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Variety In Hot Cocoa Oh Yeah

Variety In Hot Cocoa Oh Yeah!

We like variety in food, coffee, and other drinks, why not in hot cocoa?  This is Brooklyn Bean Roastery Hot Cocoa Variety Pack and it really has a great variety to make everyone happy.  From the little ones to adults, they will all find that one special one that is just right for them, maybe more!

No one wants to buy big boxes of hot cocoa to find out no one likes it.  With this variety pack you get 6 flavors to find the one you like best.  Then you can order just that one or order another variety pack because someone else in your home liked a different one.

Variety In Hot Cocoa Oh Yeah

Brooklyn Bean Roastery does not mess around when making hot cocoa, they use real cocoa!  Plus only 70 calories so you get to indulge a little.

Variety In Hot Cocoa Oh Yeah

Wouldn’t this be fun to do on a snow day off with the kids or even on a Saturday?  Break out the sprinkles, marshmallows, canned whipped cream, and lots more.  I am sure someone out there could come up with some great ideas for this.  Well when Morgan, my granddaughter, came over she wanted to help me put a Hot Chocolate Bar together, so we did.

I forgot the whipped cream for this picture, but it is in the picture of our special mixtures.  This was so easy to set up and the kids loved it.

This is Morgan’s little face she made, starting with the Campfire k-cup.  Using the sword with mini marshmallows on it, as a topper.  I bought some of the marshmallows that they put in cereals because they like them, so she used them for the smile.  She used the blue pixie stix for some blue hair, with sprinkles to fancy it up a little.  She loved it.

I started with the Carnival flavor, added lots of whipped creme, some crushed up Butterfinger, and more caramel, wow was that good!  I will be making that again.

We do not get to spend much time with Morgan and this really made it special.  Brooklyn Bean Hot Cocoa Variety Pack has a great variety to make this a perfect project for anyone!

All these hot cocoas have the great cocoa flavor but there is a little something extra to each one.  Like in Carnival the flavor also has salted caramel, Mexican gives you the kick of cinnamon and peppers, Midnight has the dark chocolate taste so many people love.  Next the Campfire of course has the toasted marshmallow flavor calling my name, Peanut Butter Cup I told you about recently, has the hint of my favorite candy bar.  Last is just Milk Chocolate like taking a glass of cold chocolate milk and heating it up, really rich and creamy, but will cure your appetite for chocolate anytime day or night.
Variety In Hot Cocoa Oh Yeah

So give the Brooklyn Bean Roastery Hot Cocoa Variety Pack a try and let some Variety In Hot Cocoa in your life!

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  1. Wow, that’s an awesome variety of hot cocoa! I’d love to have this in my kitchen 🙂 A cup of hot cocoa is wonderful on a cold winter evening sitting in front of the fireplace reading a book.

  2. The varieties of all of these hot cocoas are wonderful. I would enjoy trying a different one each day. My son would be thrilled since he is a hot cocoa lover also.

  3. Wow! Never knew there were so many different varieties of Coco. Nothing better on a cold morning than a hot cup or two of Coco! Great review! TY!

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