Very Christmas Book by Simone Mets

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Very Christmas

National Tree Very Christmas Book by Simone Mets

In her very first publication, Simone Mets conceives a charming children’s story about a little girl and her friends who Discover a way to make Christmas wishes come true when Santa’s workshop is destroyed by a storm. “Very Christmas” has won the 2016 Elite Gold Award in the holiday category, an award honoring the best e-books published each year in North America.

Very Christmas

This book is 11.5 x 15 x 9 inches.  A Christmas story for children.  Winner of the Elite Gold Award.  Paperback, 50 pages

Very Christmas Very Christmas

The morale of this story is a simple one: the greatest gift is giving, not getting. When a snowstorm destroys Santa’s workshop, Christmas is in danger – at least, the part about the presents. Even a multimillionaire can’t help solve the problem, which shows that money can’t buy everything. Only when little girl Ava decides to help save Christmas and is joined by all her friends, Christmas can be saved at last.

Very Christmas Very Christmas

Kids will love Ava Buttons and her delightful gang of friends who are determined to save Christmas. But Ava is also the perfect protagonist for any adult who’s distressed and disheartened by all the greed, avarice, cruelty and megalomania dominating the news these days.

Simone Mets has given us much more than just a beautifully written and illustrated holiday tale; she’s delivered a timely reminder of the power of kindness, generosity, compassion and friendship.

Very Christmas

VERY CHRISTMAS is a delightful, touching Christmas story that is bound to become a modern classic. You will laugh, you may shed a tear…but over all you will be infused with a warm and loving Christmas-y spirit, proud of Ava and her “Unstumpable” friends who save the day. Their generosity proves that the true meaning of the holiday is still alive and well. This wonderful story will inspire you and your family!

Very Christmas Very Christmas

This beautiful story is a fun read and  a reminder of the real wonder and joy of Christmas. It is easy to forget the true joy of Christmas and that real happiness comes from giving.




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