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Vintage Baby Gift Set From momorii

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Vintage Baby Gift Set

Vintage Baby Gift Set From momorii

I just love this set for kids. Available in pink, green, or blue so you could get one for any child. This Vintage Baby Gift Set From momorii is perfect for a picnic, going out to eat, or traveling. Everything fits neatly into the closeable basket. Vintage Baby Gift Set From momorii would make a perfect gift for a new mother, or gift for a baby instead of toys they won’t use long.

This basket closes shut and has secure handles for easy carrying. Even the kids can carry this little basket. It is lightweight so even little people will not have a problem carrying this. This can be used until they are 3 or 4. Keep one in the car so when you are traveling it will be easy to get them something to drink and a snack without making a mess or feeding them junk food.

It comes with baby snacks containers and toys made of silicone that is perfect for home or on the go. Made of a durable material that can last long. The vintage basket can use it for a picnic. It fits everything you need for a delicious picnic spread with your kids.

This will keep the kids busy in the high chair while you make dinner. It all comes apart and can be washed, not sure about the dishwasher but I think it is safe since it is silicone.

  • Material: SILICONE
  • Age Range: Maternity
  • Material Feature: Latex Free
  • Material Feature: Nitrosamine Free
  • Material Feature: Phthalate Free
  • Material Feature: BPA Free
  • Material Feature: PVC Free
  • Vintage Gift Basket Measurements: 8.66″x 7″ (22cm x 18cm)

This is the back of the bib.  I forgot to take another picture of the front.  This will catch anything that drops out of their little mouth. Clean up is super easy.

This cup is secure enough for little hands and the top secures on all the way around. The top actually goes on really easy.  The kids will love the ears and face on the front.

Take pictures as they grow with these so you will know exactly how old they are. It’s fun to have the kids hold these.

They can grab this silicone bowl and carry around their snacks and you have less worries that it will spill. The little spoon is the perfect size just for them.

The company, momorii, sells all kinds of great items for kids. Take a look if you know someone expecting or with a little one.





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  1. My mother has owned a children’s clothing store my entire life so I am well versed in great children’s products. This is a great little set.

  2. For the grandma who wants to give something special and not ordinary. Perfect set for going to the park. Love it.

  3. These are some new baby items that I have never seen before. The bib sounds useful, but looks hard and uncomfortable. Maybe it feels different in person.

  4. This is the cutest set ever, I absolutely love the basket! I would definitely love to have one of these for my baby. It would be perfect for travel or even picnics, which we love doing.

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