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Visions In Verse Are Great For A Personal Gift For Friends and Family @PoetryTreasures @SMGurusNetwork

Visions In Verse

Visions Inverse

When a story touches a soul, it makes some smile and others cry. Ruth Kuttler, the creator of Visions in Verse poetry and artwork. Visions In Verse gives people permission to dream and dare to live those dreams. It is an illustrated collection of poems, quotes, inspirational writings, and stories in verse about opening doors and rebuilding a future through failure, courage, faith, and passion. Visions in Verse challenges readers to step outside their comfort zone. They are inspired and empowered to find their magic and consider possibilities for having, doing and being what they most want out of life. Readers are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery that begins with Visions In Verse.

Visions In Verse

The Best Christmas Gift is an original poem that she personalized.  It can be made into a canvas piece of art with the perfect photo of your choosing, or a framed print.  This is a beautiful piece that is unique to Visions In Verse.   This is offered in 2 different backgrounds so if you want to give 1 to mom and 1 to mother-in-law, you can change the background picture.

I was sent this beautiful book, Visions in Verse, has unique poems and stories.  The artwork is unique and beautiful.  I enjoyed reading this and I plan on having Desiree read this because she loves poetry.  Visions in Verse is a collection of inspirational and timeless poems, quotes and stories in verse.  These original writings satisfy the insatiable hunger for hope and joy and quench the never-ending thirst for meaning and purpose.

Visions In Verse

Here is another example of all the great pieces Visions In Verse has.  This Personalized Mother-Daughter Art Poem is a wonderful gift for daughters of all ages.  This will be treasured for years to come.

Stop by and see what you can find for that special person in your life!










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