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Vivitar Heated Volumizing Hair Brush – The Perfect Beauty Tool! @VivitarOfficial @SMGurusNetwork

Vivitar Heated Volumizing Hair Brush

Vivitar Heated Volumizing Hair Brush – The Perfect Beauty Tool!

There are so many tools we need to curl, straighten, add body, or just some scrunches.  You could have a cabinet full and never know how you want to do your hair each day.  Take a look at the Vivitar Heated Volumizing Hair Brush.  One tool that can keep you in control of your hair and your many styles.

Vivitar Heated Volumizing Hair Brush

This volumizing hair brush does so much more than volumize! This can curl, straighten, and add volume.  We have reviewed lots of hair styling tools but this one is top of the line.  Desiree will not allow me in the bathroom when she is getting ready but she came out each morning for a week with a new hairstyle for school.  She loves this and says it is so easy to use it is awesome according to her!  When my older daughter stops over I will have her redo her hair and take more pictures.

Vivitar Heated Volumizing Hair Brush

This Vivitar Heated Volumizing Hair Brush will add so many styles to your list of favorite and you will love to use this.  Soon you will find this to be your go to beauty tool each day!  This includes a 6 foot long cord so you have room to dance and still do your hair!!

Vivitar Heated Volumizing Hair Brush

This is built uniquely for different reasons that just make sense and wonder why someone did not do this a long time ago.  Plus this works on all textures and lengths!

Vivitar Heated Volumizing Hair Brush Vivitar Heated Volumizing Hair Brush

The dual temperature setting on this styling tool ensures your hair never receives any heat damage or split ends caused by overheating. Maximize the time you have in your usual prep routine with this brush’s quick and convenient heat up process and easy on/off switch so you can achieve salon quality results and be out the door in minutes!

Vivitar Heated Volumizing Hair Brush Vivitar Heated Volumizing Hair Brush

This unique styling tool features 180-degree smoothing technology to curl, straighten, or added much needed volume to dull and mundane hair. Make your styling routine creative and fun with this hair brush that tames frizz caused by humidity resulting in shinier and smoother hair that is very gentle to the touch.


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I received this product to give my honest opinion.


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  1. I need this heated brush in my life. I think it would help me do my hair, plus it curls and straightens. Very nice.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I would love to own this brush. It would help with my thin hair and maybe get me a little body.

  3. This looks perfect for me. I really don’t want to flat iron my hair. I just want to smooth it out and to slightly curl the ends.

  4. I had something similar to this year’s ago but it ruined my hair with split ends but I used it til it broke lol. So glad to read this one with its temperature dup avoids split ends

  5. I love that this product not only cuts down on frizz but allows you to style your hair at the same time instead of having to use multiple tools. This will be a great product to take on trips where you need to pack lightly.

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