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Wacom Intuos Art

Wacom Intuos Art Lets You Take Your Art In The Right Direction

If you love to draw than the Wacom Intuos Art is for you!  Desiree loves to draw and she uses this everyday!  She loves it!  Art can be displayed in several ways online, but why not do the art right on the computer?  This is a really nice little addition for the artist or artist want-to-be!  Talk about finding the perfect gift for any teenager you know that enjoys drawing, they all know and love the Wacom brand.


Honestly when Desiree mentioned Wacom to me I was not aware of the brand.  Probably because I could not draw if my life depended on it!  But Desiree can and loves to, so this really is perfect for her.  Take a look at the videos she made for us to show off this great product!  Below is Desiree’s video when she opened it – way too excited LOL.

I have never seen her this excited over anything!  She was so happy and like I said before she is still using this everyday.  Let me give you some background on the Wacom Intuos Art.

The Intuos Art includes Wacom’s leading pen & touch tablet technology, free downloadable creative software and online training.  Whatever your creative style – or level of skill – Intuos can help you reach the next level. With four different versions, there’s one to match you and your creative work exactly.


The below video is not the best but Desiree goes over the Intuos Art and how she uses it.

Sketch and draw to your heart’s content. It’s like having an entire store of art supplies at your fingertips.  Create awesome artwork, print your paintings or share them online. This package has everything you need to paint, design and create artwork that makes people take notice.

The Wacom Intuos Art is the next step that any artist needs and would love.  They have made this with the most up-to-date design and features.  This pen tablet feels like drawing with your pencil but now the picture is on your computer where you can do even more with your pictures.

Wacom love what creativity brings to the world. It makes them human, adding a richness to everyone’s lives, bringing ideas, imagination and beauty. They dream of a world alive with creativity, where people are free to explore and express new ideas.  Creativity has always been at the heart of human development. It has shaped our thinking and inspired our imaginations. They are proud of the role they played in applying digital technologies to creativity. Wacom is part of a generation that is creating powerful new tools of connectivity and expression that influence every aspect of the human experience.





I received this product to give my honest opinion.


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