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Wacom One For The Creative Person

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Wacon One

Wacom One For The Creative Person

Whether you are creative or not, Wacom One will make you feel more artistic than ever.  This has so many features and includes everything you need to create all kinds of things.  Wacom One is something that makes a great gift for the creative people you know. Whether drawing charts, showing answers to problems, or drawing awesome pictures, this will not disappoint! Try your hand at digital creating or improve your skills.

Wacom One delivers a great experience. It comes with all the essentials to spice up your digital life. There’s the natural pen feel on the 13.3” screen, the included creative software – even the ability to connect to certain Android devices. And it’s compatible with leading pen brands too. Open up new possibilities with this.

This huge tablet is amazing. This gives you the room to draw almost anything and it will look fantastic! Sketch, draw and paint on screen and enjoy a natural surface friction with minimal reflection. With the familiar feeling of pen on paper, Wacom One lets you capture ideas, create mind-maps, draw diagrams and more, before sharing them easily with friends and colleagues. This does not feel like you are drawing on glass, it honestly feels like I am drawing on regular paper that never moves and looks brilliant!

With the built in legs you can set this at the perfect angle for comfortable use.  These click open so they are secure.

Brilliant applications are waiting to be explored. The included Bamboo Paper* app for example transforms your creative pen display into a sketchpad.

This includes the tablet, pen, cords, and software. With Wacom One, you get more than just a creative pen display. You have everything you need to get off to a flying start. Their included Bonus Pack is ready and waiting for you. And conveniently, Wacom One is compatible with your computer, as well as certain Android tablets and phones. Wacom One isn’t choosy when it comes to operating systems. So, you can link up to Mac or PC, Chromebook* and certain Android tablets or smartphones.

This magic pen makes it easy to hold and draw with. Imagine a pen that uses software to make it the tool you want it to be: paintbrush, pen, marker, pencil, chalk or eraser. The only limit is your imagination. The light, battery-free, ergonomically designed pen means you can tweak or sign documents and jot down notes just as you would with pen and paper. With no need for batteries, it’s a pen that feels and looks just right in your hand. And, it’s so accurate, what you do is what you see.

Impress your social media fans and followers alike. The precise Wacom One Pen and the nearly A4/Letter-sized canvas let you comfortably personalize your images or videos, boosting your editing skills in the process.

This makes a great gift for a teacher, teenager, business person, and anyone that loves to draw.  This really is amazing. This will last for years and they will get better at their job or artwork in no time because it is easy to learn.

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  1. This sounds like a really nice drawing tablet! My dad is an artist and has been using one of these for years. My kids are also very artistic so I’ve been thinking about getting them one for awhile now.

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