Want to Become a Work at Home Entrepreneur?

Work at Home

Want to Become a Work at Home Entrepreneur?

Here are 5 Degrees that Could Take You There

Modern technology has made it possible for many people to work from home and start a business with nothing but a laptop and a dream. However, a home business has to be treated just like any other one if you want it to succeed and maybe possibly allow it to grow past the limits of your living room. 

This is why more small startup owners should consider adding some feathers to their caps with mba courses if they want to improve their entrepreneurship skills. Others might want to learn skills that allow them to start a home business. If you were thinking of starting a business from home, here are 5 degrees that could take you there. 


Getting an MBA is now more accessible than ever, and one of the best tools any entrepreneur can have in their back pocket. It could help you take your small business to the next level fast, and make you much more self-sufficient.

With an MBA, you won’t need to spend as much on legal services, as you’ll have a foundation in business law. This also means that you’ll be less likely to make errors that could lead to legal action or violations. You’ll also have a background in accounting, so you won’t be as dependent on an accountant. Not only that, but there will be fewer chances of something falling through the cracks.

Another reason why an MBA is such a great option for work at home entrepreneur is the potential for growth and subsequent over expansion. There’s no greater tragedy than seeing businesses become victims of their own success. The problem self-taught entrepreneurs have is that there are a lot of difficulties dealing with sudden growth. Those with an MBA are simply more adaptable, which comes in handy not only in these cases but when having to deal with adversity or sudden changes in the market.

An MBA in and of itself could also help you move into very specific fields. We tend to associate a master’s degree with management, but you can earn an MBA that is focused on marketing or data analysis. This could allow you to work as an online marketing consultant, for instance, and have credentials that very few others in your field will be able to boast. 

The Business Intelligence MBA from Suffolk Online, for instance, could teach you how to analyze client data and give them actionable advice on how to improve their marketing emails, social media marketing plan or e-commerce page design. You’ll learn what you need to know to analyze information and present it in an easily digested format, as well as determine the best course of action. The best part is that you can also learn completely remotely through an online course.

Computer Science/IT

Computer science and IT could allow you to serve clients independently or apply for telecommuting positions. You could make a living writing code from home or designing websites. Some people or companies might contact you to fix issues with their websites, which can be done remotely. Or, you could go around offering website upgrades to clients and get customers this way.

The nature of computer science and IT is what makes it so suitable for remote work. This is also a degree that works especially well in an online format. Online master’s and doctoral degrees specializing in areas like IT management and IT security are available, which could open the door to opening your own managed IT service, working as a security consultant, or working in data forensics, for instance.

Having a background in IT could also help you in your day to day operations, as well as to be more independent, and allow you to save tons of money. Not having to hire outside help for security or simple things like web design can make a world of difference in the long run.

If you’re more interested in creating art than code, you could also consider earning a degree in graphic design. You could create digital still images or animations for your clients, or work on a variety of other projects like traditional print design or creating logos and various promotional material.

An Education Degree

With a bachelor’s degree in education, you are generally considered qualified to teach students. You can expect that an increasing number of your potential students will be at home from now on, and that’s across all ages. These may be homeschoolers relying on online tutors to teach subjects their parents aren’t capable of teaching, or it may be students at home connecting to online classes on a wide array of subjects. 

This means there could be tons of opportunities to become a full-time instructor or a part-time tutor working from home. This could also be your ticket to creating your own educational service, product, or application.

Accounting or Finance

Roughly a quarter of those working from home work in either accounting or finance. They may work as accountants or personal financial advisors. Demand for this skillset hasn’t diminished, despite the rollout of personal finance software that has reduced demand for general bookkeepers.

A degree in finance might allow you to move into project management, too. However, an MBA or certification in project management is typically required to do this.

Marketing and Sales

A marketing degree could also be a great asset and give you the chance to offer many services. Marketing and sales may be done from home, especially if you’re selling items online. Or, you may use your home as your home base while you visit clients, either in their homes or their place of business. 

Another thing you could do is provide support services to other salespeople. You could help them write their market copy or manage their social media presence, for instance. Also, you could do marketing research for your clients or run their ad campaigns.

Starting a business from home might seem like a dream for many, and it can feel like it as well. It’s important, however, to take it seriously, and consider getting an actual foundation that could give you a leg up in any industry you decide to enter.

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