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Wash n Zip Pet Bed Clean Their Bed When You Clean Them @WashnZipPetBed

wash n zip pet bed

Wash n Zip Pet Bed

If your dogs are like mine they get a bath and they smell a lot better, but what about their bedding?  It smells as bad as they did before the bath!  Don’t make them lay down in that dirty bed, get an easy to clean Wash n Zip Pet Bed.  Soft and comfy for your pets but unzip an you have and easy to clean blanket.

Have you ever tried to wash a regular pet bed? Well let’s just say the washer does not love it like your pets do.  FINALLY…A simple solution to dirty, stinky dog beds…The Wash’n Zip Pet Bed! It’s the one-of-a-kind, patented WASHABLE DOG BED!

  • Saves Money – Because it can be cleaned repeatedly, one Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed will save you from having to purchase new beds when they become soiled, smelly and dirty.
  • Crate Pad – They chose the dimensions of your Wash’n Zip Pet Bed to fit the majority of pet crates on the market, so it can also be used as a crate pad.
  • Car Seat Cover – When travelling with your pet, simply unfold your Wash’n Zip Pet Bed and use it as a car seat cover.
  • Furniture Throw – Protect your furniture at home by unfolding your Wash’n Zip Pet Bed and covering your sofa or chairs.
  • Blanket – Some pets like to be covered when they sleep, so unfold your Wash’n Zip Pet Bed to use as a comfortable blanket.
  • Flea Prevention – Flea eggs and larva may penetrate the cover of a typical pet bed and infest the inside.  However, the ENTIRE Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed is laundered, which destroys fleas, plus their eggs and larva.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Stop discarding old foam pet beds, which will be dumped in landfills.  One Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed can last a lifetime since it can be laundered over and over again.
  • Odor Control – Wash and dry your Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed as often as you want, which keeps your bed fresh and clean.
  • Great Gift – The Wash’n Zip Pet Bed is a great gift idea for your friends and family who love their pets.

This is the medium bed.  It is really big, I thought I needed medium for both dogs but I could have just used a small one.  The medium is 32 x 24 inches folded and zipped.  When unfolded to wash it becomes a blanket that is 64 x 48 inches.  That will fit into washing machines without any issues.  This bed is amazing and my dogs love it.  Interior batting consists of sheets of fabric that are sewn into seams to prevent material from bunching in the laundry.

I also tried their new Puppy Proofer,  which is like a pillow sham that fits over the top of the Wash ‘n Zip Bed to help deter chew-happy pups from gnawing on the zipper.

  • Helps keep chew-happy dogs from damaging their Wash’n Zip Pet Bed.
  • Pillow sham style cover made to protect the most vulnerable parts of the bed (the zipper and corners)
  • Helps keep actual bed cleaner for less frequent washes
  • Perfect cover for damaged Wash ‘n Zip Beds since it keeps the bed together and makes it look brand new!

This cover has 2 sections of velcro on the back to keep it in place and as you can see below the dogs love it!


Visit www.washnzippetbed.com for a 1-minute demo video

To order, click on the BUY tab, and then ONLINE STORE

Enter coupon code MICHIGAN to save 15% (Expires 8/31/18)

To learn more visit and follow them!






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  1. This would be great for traveling. We have a Basset hound who vacations with us and it would be nice to have something for those times.

  2. This is a really neat idea. I’ve struggled with cleaning dog beds, lol, so this is a genius idea to me.

  3. This product looks amazing! I love that it is washable! My furbaby Gizmo would love this! Thank you for posting!

  4. Someone put a lot of thought into this product. I like that you can pop it in the washing machine. Thanks for posting!

  5. With three dogs and a cat they need a bed that can easily be washed repeatedly or it would end up stinking really bad plus on of the Jack Russel’s loves to lick the bed. Strange i know but then again he is strange too.

  6. Wash n Zip Pet Bed is a great idea and a super gift for a new pet owner. I like the flea prevention since this can be laundered.

  7. What a great pet bed! It really helps that you can wash it regularly. It keeps down the smell and pets love nice clean beds just like we do. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  8. This looks like an awesome pet bed…My dogs bed always bunches up in spots and looks uncomfortable

  9. I have three crazy, messy, rescued Coonhounds. I always have issues with keeping their dog beds clean. The type that are washable usually don’t really hold up well (both to the dogs and to the washing). The others are impossible to clean the way I want. This sounds like such a great idea. I’d actually be able to keep my dogs’ beds clean and fresh!

  10. You wouldn’t sleep in a dirty bed so why would you let your dog sleep in one? The beds I have for my dog now are difficult to wash. I like to have a bed for him downstairs and one upstairs although he rarely sleeps in the one downstairs ( why would he when he can sleep in “his” recliner chair?) and he sleeps in my bed with me at night. He does use the one in my office when I am working on my computer though

  11. I’ve always felt that way if you give them a bath also wash their bedding. However, not all bedding is easy to wash. Nice to know this set is.

  12. this Wash ‘N Zip pet bed sounds amazing. It is such a pain to wash my dog’s bed. We have a Havanese but my husband insists on buying a bed big enough for a shepherd so it barely fits in the washer. Having a bed that comes apart easily and is the right size would be terrific.

  13. Oh my gosh, this is going to be great for my Charlie. He’s a Black Lab & spoiled & I keep on spoiling. Love you can use these anywhere… like the back of my van. He loves to go for rides. He also has his on cage and has 2 old bed spreads he lays on. It would be great to get him something new. Thank you for this great opportunity. It will be nice to wash this instead of 2 great big comforters. Woo Hoo!

  14. I LOVE this! It’s so simple and easy to clean and you can take it anywhere you go with you! This would be perfect for when we go on vaction and great at home too! I have two dogs who would love this. Thank you so much for this chance!

  15. Oh! This product looks perfect!!! Changes size to meet your pups specific needs no matter where you are, crate, car, sofa, etc. And doesn’t loose its shape? That’s fantastic!

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