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Watch Oscar Nominated Movies On The Cheap

Watch Oscar nominated movies on the cheap

Living in a small town with 1 theater we do not get all the movies available.  Watching the Oscars can be a challenge to say the least, since I have never seen most of the movies.  Now with Redbox I can watch some of the movies in my time.

Redbox just announced they have several of the nominated films currently available (for as low as $1.50!), including The Big Sick, Get Out, Boss Baby, Baby Driver, Dunkirk, and tons more.  

Some examples of the available movies nominated.


Academy Award® Nominees Coming Soon to the Box

TV Award Winners and Nominees On Demand

Award Winning Favorites On Demand

Redbox is America’s destination for affordable and convenient new-release movie and video game rentals. About a million discs (and sometimes a whole lot more) are rented from our kiosks every single day. That adds up to more than 5 billion rentals since we launched in 2002 when My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Men in Black II were hot rentals.

Redbox is the best entertainment deal on the planet, and we should know – we’re everywhere. We have more locations in the U.S. than Starbucks and McDonald’s combined, so it’s not hard to find us. You’ll also find the lowest prices imaginable for today’s biggest hits. With DVD rentals for just $1.50 a night, renting a new-release movie from Redbox is half the cost of a new-release cable movie rental, and we don’t require a monthly subscription fee. Our latest innovation to bring entertainment to the masses – we’re now selling previously-viewed movies and video games for amazingly low prices.

Redbox Fast Facts
$1.50 a day for DVDs, $2 a day Blu-ray™ Discs and $3 a day for video games
Earn free movie and game nights via Redbox Play Pass
Rent a new-release cheaper than cable
No monthly subscription required
Rent and return anywhere at any of our more than 40,000 kiosks and counting
Reserve online or on the Redbox app

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