Watchitude – A Fun Way To “Watch” The Time! @watchitude

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Watchitude – A Fun Way To “Watch” The Time!

Do you remember the slap bracelet that were all the craze?  Well now you can get a watch and the band is a slap bracelet.  We all know those things latest forever!  These new watches are called Watchitude.  Because they have so many designs, plus you can design your own, and show off your attitude with them.

Watchitude Watchitude Watchitude

The Watchitude is a well made watch.  Since the band is a slap bracelet it always fits and does not fall off.  They even make the package fun.  It shows on the back who designed the watch and where they are from.  Our watch was designed by Jeanie H from Paris, France, how cool is that!!

Watchitude Watchitude

I gave this to Desiree for her birthday and she wears it everyday, even in the summer!  She loves all the designs and wants to collect a few more.  Her friends seen it and now they all want one.  I had to write the name down for each one of them to give to their parents.  Watchitude is an easy name to remember though!

Watchitude Watchitude Watchitude

This watch band does not pinch and it actually fits perfect, every time!  The face is clear, better than my picture, and the numbers are easy to read.

Watchitude Watchitude

I normally do not post pictures of their pamphlet but this gives you an idea of how many designs they have.  Well over 100 designs!  Now that could show your attitude!

Watchitude Watchitude


They include their bag so you can gift it easier.  Remember Watchitude the watch with an attitude!

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