What About New Books In Your Libraries

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Love or Mystery

What About New Books In Your Libraries

We all need new books in our libraries.  The choices below give you a lot of choices.  Hope you enjoy these.

A Furnished Affair is a story of love, laughter and new friendships. Lois discovers a whole new world she never knew existed till now. She finds herself unwittingly pitted against love rival Rebecca Giles, Lucien’s alluring and high-polished ex-girlfriend, as Lois and her friends encounter a few close shaves along the way.. Within a business where loyalty is paramount can Lois secure a future furnished with happiness or will a case of jealously and ambition tarnish her chances forever…?

In Choices you learn about a lady with heartache. Although she has grown up in a strict religious community, Earth’s life up until now has been a happy one, but life with the older man to whom she is betrothed is no longer where she sees her future. So when she secretly leaves she knows she will never return, despite having nowhere to go and knowing no one in the outside world.

Stowing away on a luxurious but empty yacht, Earth is discovered by Robin, its owner, and there is an immediate spark between them..

But Earth’s upbringing and naiveté, combined with Robin’s past experiences, means that any relationship which might develop between them might hit a few snags. Add in ex-wives, ex-fiancés, along with any number of misunderstandings and misheard conversations, and whatever happy endings might be possible for the mismatched couple will have to be hard-earned.

Kevin Lueshing’s tears fell freely as he lifted boxing’s coveted Lonsdale Belt. Weeping openly at ringside, Lueshing had just won the fight of the year. But his tears were not tears of joy. They were the stain of a sinister secret he had kept hidden for a lifetime.

The former British champion was living the dream. People called him ‘The Look’. But behind the glory and the glitz, Lueshing’s innocence had already been butchered, his hope crippled and his soul shattered.

For the first time, he has rediscovered the strength and courage of a champion to tell his harrowing story.

The Belt Boy is a completely true account of a brutal life kept hidden.

Shocking, explicit, traumatic, Kevin’s autobiography exposes a hideous crime and its utterly devastating legacy.

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  1. I’m always interested in new books. The Belt Boy sounds like a really interesting read. True stories are often better than fiction.

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