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What Is The Minimum Social Media Presence Should A Small Business Have?

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What Is The Minimum Social media Presence Should A Small Business Have

What Is The Minimum Social Presence Should A Small Business Have?

Years ago the best sign of whether a business would last or not was a brick and mortar store.  Things have changed drastically since then and one of the biggest signs of the business lasting currently has to do with their social media presence! Since things online change so often it can be hard for a new business to figure out what social media presence then need, they may want to hire a digital agency for their company.

No need to panic, it may be easier than you think!  The below information can help you get answers to what and why it is important.

social media presence


A Website is important for any business to have.  More people are searching online for things they want, for solutions to their problems, to compare prices, or just to get some information about a store, restaurant or business before they purchase from them. If you don’t have a website, potential customers will go to your competitors who do, especially if you are a home-based business without a bricks-and-mortar address.It helps to let people know you are a legitimate business.  This can be a very basic website but you need something for people to find!

If they can see you on a website they will feel more comfortable making larger purchases. People will have a way to contact you with questions and comments, good or bad you still need to be aware of these in case there is a correction needed.  Even if you are a home-based business this is still very important.

You can show off your products and even set up a shopping cart for your followers to make a purchase.  More people are making purchases online then ever.  As of 2016 over 51% of consumers were purchasing online and now the mobile purchases are growing even stronger.  So why not use an area that is easy to capture sales.

Just a small note, I recommend highly you have a self-hosted website.  Do not use the freebie sites.  This will lend itself to credibility, look more professional, and save you hours of headaches and money in the future when you want to grown.


A newsletter is important to help grow your base.  You should set up a newsletter sign up and embed the link into your website so it is easy to find.  One of the main reasons would be you will  have permission to contact your potential customers if not now then when you are ready.

You may not be ready to start sending out a newsletter yet, but you will. If your company wants to grow you will want to remind customers of who you are and what you sell.  Maybe even send out articles that relate to your product.  For example, if you sell something that makes a customer safer online, send articles now and then about a recent new issue that your product will take care of.

Social Media

In November 2017 an article was written about Dutch online purchasers.  25% of consumers are purchasing everyday items online, compared to 19% in 2016.  This means they need to see your name and products as much as possible without being spam.  This is where social media will help with exposure.

At a minimum a company should have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Youtube account.  You will not need to publish things everyday but once you start to grow you can remind customers about your products easily.

I also recommend the owner start a LinkedIn and Google+profile.  Both of these social media outlets are great to find business contacts that will be important as your business grows.  You can have contact with advertisers, for ideas for promotion, to manufacturers to help save costs or increase production time.  Let them know what you sell and start growing your network.  I would recommend as you start to hire that each of your employees start or update their profiles on these.  They may be in contact with people you haven’t realized that would be a great asset to your business.

People are using social media to find business that sell what they are looking for, more now than ever.  You want to capture any additional opportunities possible, so your business will be that much stronger.  If not I guarantee your competitors will!

In Conclusion

Your website and social media presence is your online flyer. Rather than delivering this flyer the old fashioned way of handing to each customer you are showing a large audience in a much cheaper and more effective way.  They can find this information easily and reference it whenever they need to, 24 hours a day, on their time.

An online presence is more important than ever and has a growing base of potential customers.  That is normally a main focus, growing your business.  You will learn to target your audience to access remote areas internationally.  If your business is physical products or services you can target almost anyone that is online, as compared to a physical location that is only accessible to local consumers. Having a social media presence also makes it easy to update your product(s)/services and improve customer service.   This will save you time and money!

A social media presence is an important part of running a business now and even more in the future.  Start with the above suggestions and from there continue to learn all the time!


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