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What Kit Do You Need To Introduce Your Kids To Fishing?

What Kit Do You Need To Introduce Your Kids To Fishing

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What Kit Do You Need To Introduce Your Kids To Fishing?

Fishing is an ancient pastime, but it has a unique appeal in the modern world, especially for parents. A lot of us worry that our children are spending too much time indoors in front of screens. They are not “out there” in nature, where many of us spent our childhoods. Getting out on the open water and fishing, therefore, is a great way to encourage kids to be outdoors and enjoy everything that nature has to offer. 

Fishing, however, isn’t something that you can do in isolation. You need the right kit. And, to be honest, not all of us know what that is!

In this post, we’re going to take a look at all the essentials you need if you want your kid to get into fishing. 

Fishing Line

The fishing line is the cord that attaches the rod to the bait in the water. Most reels you buy come with a line already, but it is always worth having a bit more knocking around. Keeping a fishing line in good working order is challenging, even for professionals. Over time, knots and tangles creep in, and eventually, the line breaks. It pays, therefore, to have some backup lines, just in case. 

A lot of people choose “stealthy” fishing lines made of translucent material. The idea here is to make them less visible to fish, encouraging them to bite. 


This bass fishing tackle kit from Tailored Tackle comes with a selection of hooks – an essential component of any fishing kit. Some people rush into fishing with one type of hook, but kids tend to get better results when they learn how to use particular varieties in specific settings. 

Hooks come in single, double, and treble varieties. They vary in size, from 32 as the smallest, and 19/0 as the largest. Having an assortment of hooks allows your child to practice attaching them to the line. 


Just like hooks, there is also a wide range of lures in a standard fishing set. At first, the variety seems overwhelming, but there’s a good reason for it. Different species of fish prefer different kinds of food, and so the type of bait you use needs to reflect that. 

Kids fishing kits usually come with at least a dozen different lures, many designed to mimic the appearance of specific fish. The aim of the game is to select the right kind of bait for the time of day, season, and weather conditions. 

Light-colored lures, for instance, are ideal for bright days while dark lures tend to work better on cloudy days in murky water. Learning which lures are the best can be a lot of fun. 


It is easy to see when a fish has taken the bait in clear waters. But if you try to fish in murky water with high silt content, you quickly run into trouble. You can’t see whether the fish took the bait or not. 

Bobbers, therefore, are like mini buoys that let you detect movement, even if there isn’t any tension on the line. They’re ideal for beginners. 


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