#WhatIsLove With @Teleflora and Their Newest LOVE NOTE CONCIERGE

Teleflora Love Note Concierge

Teleflora’s Best Friends Forever Bouquet

Share memories, a hug and a smile with your bestie or budding romance with this thoughtful bouquet bursting with stunning red and white roses, miniature carnations, and cushion spray chrysanthemums that is hand-delivered in a glazed ceramic collectible vase with hand-applied heart detail.



New, Complimentary Hotline Helps Valentines Across America Write Personalized, Heartwarming Notes to Accompany Their Beautiful Bouquets.

“Your love is one-of-a-kind” when you send a Teleflora Valentine’s Day bouquet and a personalized note from Teleflora’s Love Note Concierge service.

Teleflora’s Lovely Hearts Bouquet

Playful and sweet for mother, daughter or friend, dazzle and delight with this cheerful 2-in-1 floral gift. Cheerful peach, pink and red spray roses bountifully flutter among hand-painted watercolor hearts that dance across this oversized food-safe mug that is sure to deliver long-lasting enjoyment.

Teleflora makes ordering bouquets simple…it’s the love note that’s tough! As Teleflora’s Valentine’s Day gift to America, the all-new, FREE “Love Note Concierge” (1-844-IT-IS-LOVE) debuts on February 3rd – 12th just in time to save Valentine’s Day!

Teleflora Love Note Concierge

Teleflora’s Pair Of Hearts Bouquet

For your soul mate, the symbolism of these two perfect connecting hearts wrapped around this glistening hand glazed ceramic vase is the perfect match. Celebrate your Valentine with this gorgeous bouquet filled with red roses, red carnations and white alstroemeria that is ideal for expressing your heartfelt love and appreciation.

For more than 80 years, Teleflora, the world’s leading flower delivery service, has delivered flowers to millions of Valentines across America. Every year, while ordering beautiful bouquets gets easier, consumers struggle to craft that personal, special and important accompanying note! Now, thanks to the talented, thoughtful team at Teleflora’s “Love Note Concierge,” writing the perfect sentiment is easier than ever with a personal coach to help you express everything you want to say to your loved one. And there’s no charge, no purchase, no strings, just words of love!

Teleflora’s Wrapped With Passion Bouquet

The ultimate in Valentine’s Day luxury, WOW your love with dramatic long-stemmed roses and fragrant pink star-gazer lilies that are gorgeously arranged in a graceful hand blown Italian, art glass-inspired vase with a sparkling, hand-applied glass ribbon. Your thought and emotions are sure to win their heart!

So I have to show you how beautiful this bouquet is.  Remember it is huge!!

This vase is gorgeous!

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“Yes, ‘Love Note Concierge’ is free, friendly and just a phone call away,” exclaimed David Dancer, Teleflora’s executive vice president and head of marketing. “Valentine’s Day is hard enough without having to struggle to find the perfect gift and the perfect words, so we’re here to deliver both!” Sure to be a Valentine’s Day essential, Teleflora’s “Love Note Concierge” is an important part of how the brand helps consumers everywhere explore “What Is Love?”.

Teleflora Love Note Concierge


This theme is highlighted in Teleflora’s all-new video set to debut on February 1st, which captures the countless acts and expressions of love that touch our hearts and enrich our lives. Teleflora’s breathtaking new collection of 2016 Valentine’s Day bouquets make expressing your one-of-a-kind love so easy and meaningful. All of Teleflora’s sweet and stunning Valentine’s Day 2016 bouquets are available on Teleflora.com beginning January 25, 2016.

“Your love is one-of-a-kind” when you send a Teleflora Valentine’s Day bouquet and a personalized note from Teleflora’s Love Note Concierge service.







Teleflora Love Note Concierge

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  1. Teleflora sounds like a great place. I have never ordered from them but will give it a try. Really does look great.

  2. Teleflora always has the most beautiful flower bouquets. Offering a service to help make it easier is great idea! 🙂

  3. #WhatIsLove With @Teleflora is a lovely idea. I really like flowers but am married to the most unromantic man to walk the Earth I would love one of these bouquets maybe I will order myself one and just admire it!

  4. I love that Teleflora has the love note concierge I hope they keep it around once they see how needed the service is. I have ordered from Teleflora several times and have never been disappointed.

  5. those a re pretty what i dont understand is i have florets up the hill form me and then
    a good friend Oder me roses 2 dozen and when i got t eh flower were dead they left them on truk over night and had to wait 3 day to get themm

  6. Ages the concierge is a great idea for assistance
    And the wrapped with passion is gorgeous, can use again on the 4th and Christmas too.
    Thanks so much

  7. I think I will get my mom one of these for Valentine’s Day. I know my Dad would want me to since he is gone on to heaven and can’t do it himself. I think I would pick the one with the mug, then she can have something after the flowers fade. Thanks for the review.

  8. I think that a LOVE note would be a wonderful touch to an already beautiful flower bouquet gift! I have received these bouquets before a while ago and they last a long time.

  9. Thanks for the fantastic review on #WhatIsLove With @Teleflora and Their Newest LOVE NOTE CONCIERGE! This is really a terrific service that they are providing! The flowers you received are absolutely gorgeous! I Love Flowers that are so beautiful and vivid! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review, all the beautiful pictures, and your personal and professional opinions on #WhatIsLove With @Teleflora and Their Newest LOVE NOTE CONCIERGE with all of us! I honestly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

  10. I don’t see my comment and I think the idea of a concierge helping a person to write a more personalized note is wonderful.

  11. These bouquets are all so beautiful and the idea of a concierge helping you to write notes to accompany them make them even more special

  12. What a great arrangement. I always enjoy getting fresh flowers. I also really, really like the smell of lillies.

  13. Valentines Day and our 58th wedding anniversary on 2/22. Getting these flowers would make both even more special than they already are.

  14. Hi, everyone I cannot even image getting some delivered flowers for MY VERY FIRSTT TIME. I might squeal because it so exciting!!!!??????such a wonderful Valentines gift from all the generous people giving away such beautiful flowers!

    1. Hi, everyone I cannot even image getting some delivered flowers for MY VERY FIRSTT TIME. I might squeal I admire the Teleflora’s Pair Of Hearts Bouquet!! Or maybe I will send to my boyfriend to show him nice they are to gel!

  15. I love the idea of the love note concierge! I have such a tough time figuring out what to write on floral cards. There’s not much room to express yourself and it’s hard for me to find the right words. This is definitely a perk for me!

  16. I love the idea of the love note concierge service. Sometimes it is hard to get what you are feeling down on paper.

  17. Teleflora has such beautiful arrangements. I order from them for special occasions for family and friends. The Valentines Day arrangements are lovely. My favorite is in Teleflora’s Wrapped in Passion Bouquet.

  18. Teleflora never disappoint. Their flowers are always fresh and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful flowers.

  19. I love the Best Friends Forever. I have a good friend that this would truly brighten her day, when it is needed most.

  20. I would rally Love to get something like this for my Mom. She is the most awesome Lady in the world. Almost lost her several months back but that the Lord we didn’t.

  21. What beautiful flowers. Love the Passion Bouquet. I’d be thrilled if I were to get one of these bouquets for Valentines Day.

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