Whipper Skipper

Whipper Skipper

Whipper Skipper

The Whipper Skipper is a rope with bouncey balls attached.  You can do a lot with this toy including playing with the dog.  Bounce it on the ground and see where it ends up, play horseshoes, throw like you would a disc, or just play catch with it.  There is so much more the kids imagination will come up with.

There is perhaps no other toy or game on the market like the Whipper Skipper that is more retro yet likely to bring more hours spent with friends and pets and less hours under the spell of anti-social electronic devices that restrict relationships and critical thinking. How ingenious it is that such a simplistic design as 5 balls attached to a nylon ring could open the door to so many positive opportunities. When adults are watching the children play with the Whipper Skipper, rest assured that they will not be able to resist the urge to join in on the fun, excitement and challenge!

This is a heavy duty rope with hardcore bouncy balls, built to last for years.

The kids need to get fresh air and exercise everyday, so why not give them a reason to go out. Give them a great option to play with alone or with friends.

Shoppers can enter Code: MBS&MSM and received 15% off orders over $30 this holiday season on their website.


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  1. My grandson would love this. He is always fidgeting with something. This would be perfect for him. Thank you so much for sharing

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