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Winning Moves Games New Games For 2021

Winning Moves Games New Games For 2021

Winning Moves Games New Games For 2021

Winning Moves Games come out with new games every year but the new games for 2021 are awesome! With most of us being at home now more than ever we need new and fun games to do with the kids. The new games for 2021 will keep family game time better than ever!

Trashed was inspired by the old-time favorite card game Garbage. With custom cards and unique twists to gameplay, Trashed takes the classic game to a whole new level. Your goal is to get your cards lined up in the right order, from 1 to 10. But, look out for the terrible Trashed card! Wild cards allow for excitingly big turns, while Stop cards will stop you in your tracks.

How do you like your words? Over easy, of course! Pop the Letter Eggs into the Egg Sorter to see which letters you can use to spell words. Letter Eggs that fall into the green side are good, while Letter Eggs that land on the red side are rotten. Players scramble to come up with words using all the letters, face-up, on the “good eggs” and none of the letters from the “rotten eggs”. Great for word game players of all ages, so get cracking!

Below are a few old favorites that always make fun games for family game night.

13 Dead End Drive™

13 Dead End Drive first hit the scene in 1994. Now this fan favorite is back, by popular demand, to entertain a whole new generation. Your goal is to be the last surviving heir and inherit Aunt Agatha’s fortune. Which one of her motley crew of friends and employees will it be?

No Stress Chess®

Unlike any other Chess teacher, No Stress Chess teaches you how to play using illustrated cards and an illustrated 2-sided board.

Pass The Pigs®

Celebrating more than 25 years of Pig-tastic fun! Rack up points by rolling the pig-dice but be careful not to ”Pig Out.” A classic party game enjoyed by Oscar nominated star Jeff Bridges! Pass The Pigs is a fun games that everyone can play.

Pass The Pigs® Big Pigs™

These fabulous oversized foam swines can hit all the pig poses that their little pig dice cousins do! Pass The Pigs – Big Pigs is a bigger version of the small games and easier to handle.

Pass The Pigs® Pig Party

Now up to 4 players can play ALL at once! Four pairs of Pigs are included. It’s Pass The Pigs and MORE! More pigs, more points and more fun!



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  1. I love Winning Moves Games! Their website is like visiting Santa’s workshop! The North Pole of FUN 🤩 for the whole family. Great for gift giving too.

  2. Our family loves to play board games together. My daughters would especially love the Words Over Easy game. They love to play word games!

  3. Winning Moves is a great resource for games for the family. I feel that playing games together is one of the best ways for families to spend quality time.

  4. We have recently started playing pass the pigs from an old game my mom gave us. Our kids would have a blast if we had the pig party game! This is a great game to play together!!

  5. Winning Moves is a company with a marvelous selection of games. I think that their new game Words Over Easy. looks like great fun!

  6. These new Winning Movesgames sound like so much fun! We love playing games in our house and are always excited to see new ones. Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. I’m so excited!! I love winning moves games and my kids will be thrilled with these new choices for 2021!!

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